League of Legends LoLdle answers 336: Thursday, June 8, 2023

LoLdle answers for June 8, 2023 (Image via Riot Games)
LoLdle answers for June 8, 2023 (Image via Riot Games)

LoLdle answers for its 336th edition puzzle are now available. Although some of today's champions are fan favorites, players might find it hard to discern them since the game makes it complicated to guess characters. LoLdle features five different puzzles related to League of Legends champions and their lore. You have to guess each answer using the given cryptic hints.


Keep reading this article to check accurate LoLdle answers to its 336th edition puzzle.

Evelynn, Kalista, and other League of Legends LoLdle answers for 336th edition (June 8, 2023)

The following are the answers to June 8, 2023's LoLdle puzzle:

  • Classic: Evelynn
  • Quote: Kalista
  • Ability: Nunu & Willump Bonus: Passive
  • Emoji: Sejuani
  • Splash Art: Lissandra, Bonus: Default Lissandra

Previous League of Legends LoLdle answers

Here are the answers to some previously released LoLdle puzzles:

  • LoLdle 335, June 7, 2023: Zeri, Illaoi, Kled, Zilean, Kindred,
  • LoLdle 334, June 6, 2023: Jarvan IV, Sejuani, Xerath, Nocturne, Graves
  • LoLdle 333, June 5, 2023: Vi, Shyvana, Zilean, Olaf, Twitch
  • LoLdle 332, June 4, 2023: Corki, Xerath, Irelia, Yorick, Kayle
  • LoLdle 331, June 3, 2023: Gragas, Diana, Varus, Graves, Caitlyn
  • LoLdle 330, June 2, 2023: Azir, Fiddlesticks, Quinn, Poppy, Brand
  • LoLdle 329, June 1, 2023: Kayle, Renekton, Rek’Sai, Ezreal, Zyra
  • LoLdle 328, May 31, 2023: Veigar, Zac, Malphite, Elise, K'Sante
  • LoLdle 327, May 30, 2023: Lucian, Kayn, Akali, Yasuou, Zac
  • LoLdle 326, May 29, 2023: Tristana, Fiddlesticks, Tryndamere, Teemo
  • LoLdle 325, May 28, 2023: Viego, Zed, Illaoi, Vladimir, Evelynn

June 8th's LoLdle features some of the most popular League of Legends champions in the current meta. Firstly, Evelynn has a pretty good pick rate in ranked matches and boasts a 51.4% win rate at the moment. So players should be able to guess her name in a few tries.

Kalista, on the other hand, is a great AD carry that gamers enjoy using. Even though she's not a meta pick right now, linking the "wounds of betrayal" quote to her shouldn't be too hard. Following that, identifying Nunu and Willump's passive will be easy as well.

Sejuani's emoji should be fairly easy to identify, as she's a great jungle champion in the current LoL patch. Last but not least, Lissandra's default skin should be the easiest to get among all of today's answers.

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