League of Legends’ new Arcane cinematic dives deep into life at Piltover and Zaun

League of Legends' new Arcane trailer provides a deeper look into Piltover and Zaun (Image via League of Legends)
League of Legends' new Arcane trailer provides a deeper look into Piltover and Zaun (Image via League of Legends)

Arcane is a highly anticipated television series that will delve deep into the lives of two very important characters within League of Legends.

The focus of the series is going to be Vi and Jinx. In the game, both of these characters are shown as polar opposites. Within League of Legends, Jinx is a wanted criminal, while Vi is a famed police enforcer. However, before both of them took these paths, they used to be sisters who wanted the world to recognize them.

In the previous trailer that League of Legends showcased, the focus was on the past relationship between Vi and Jinx. It showed how Vi cared about Jinx and wanted to protect her. In her earlier days, Jinx was very weak, and Vi kept motivating her, saying that she was strong.

However, the latest trailer focuses more on the locations where the animated series will be based. The trailer was showcased at the League of Legends' LPL stream to celebrate their 10-year anniversary.


More about the Arcane cinematic trailer by League of Legends

The latest cinematic has a lot of details that need to be considered one by one.

Firstly, it shows the stark difference between Piltover and Zaun. Piltover is a bustling city filled with man-made marvels where dreams come true. People have limitless options to choose from and the posh and rich culture reflects that even more.

Zaun, on the other hand, is completely opposite to Piltover. It is the deep and dark underbelly where the worst of the people live. It is the place where everyone has to fight to survive and the weak usually end up dead.

However, one aspect that remains the same in both locations is that criminal activities are rampant.

The trailer shows that crime happens in both Piltover and Zaun and in one particular section, the narrator says,

Who will you stand with?

It seems that the narrator talks about protecting both Piltover and Zaun and someone needs to pick a side.

At the same time, it also shows that Vi is training while Jinx is firing a gun. This could point towards an emotional choice that both of them will have to make. Where one decides to protect Piltover, while the other decides to protect Zaun.

This could be the ultimate reason that leads to their differences and thereby the current state of the characters within League of Legends.

However, it can be expected that the story and reasoning behind the decisions are going to be much more diverse than this. League of Legends is known to create deep and intricate lore with very few loopholes. So it will be quite exciting to view how the narrative of Arcane progresses once it is finally released on Netflix.

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