League of Legends patch 11.7 preview details Turbo Chemtank changes and buffs to Trinity Force

Trinity Force buffs coming in League of Legends patch 11.7 (Image via Riot Games)
Trinity Force buffs coming in League of Legends patch 11.7 (Image via Riot Games)
Abhishek Mallick

League of Legends patch 11.7 updates will bring in significant item changes to balance the game for both pro play and standard matchmaking.

Ever since the item system overhaul and the introduction of the Mythic sets, the League of Legends meta has been somewhat turbulent.

And though subsequent patches in Season 11 helped solve much of the issues that stemmed from item power disparity, Riot Games still has its work cut out. Many aspects in the game feel underwhelming, a lot of which are just oppressive to play against.

Recently, League of Legends’ gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter outlined details for the tentative changes that League of Legends fans can expect in patch 11.7.

The biggest highlight in the patch preview details is the Yorick and Trinity force buff. Ever since the beginning of Season 11, Yorick has been one of the most underwhelming picks in the top lane meta.

The new items did not grant him much of a power boost, and certain other bruiser picks like Renekton, Camille, and Gnarr often outclassed him.

Hence, in League of Legends patch 11.7, Yorick will receive some much-needed love. His core mythic, Trinity Force, will also get some upgrades.

League of Legends patch 11.7 preview item updates

League of Legends item nerfs

  • Essence Reaver: Cost 2900 >>> 2800; AD 55 >>> 45
  • Lord Dominik's Regards: Cost 2900 >>> 3000; AD 35 >>> 30
  • Everfrost: Active damage 125 (+35% AP) >>> 100 (+30% AP); Active CD 20 >>> 30s

League of Legends item buffs

  • Serylda's Grudge: Cost 3400 >>> 3200;
  • Trinity Force: AD 25 >>> 30; AS 35 >>> 30; [NEW] Passive stacks on towers; Mythic Passive 10% AS >>> 3 AD, 3 MS, 3 Haste

League of Legends item adjustments

  • Turbo Chemtank: Supercharged Move Speed 75% >>> 60%; Supercharged Slow 40% >>> 50%

Apart from the Yorick and Trinity Force buffs, Yetter also highlighted the changes Turbo Chemtank would receive in Legends of Legends patch 11.7.


Udyr has been incredibly strong in Season 11, ever since the MOBA’s competitive scene took off with the Spring Split. Top professional stages like the LEC, LCS, LCK, and the LPL saw the Spirit Walker’s rise in their games. He can be pretty oppressive to play against when rushing Turbo Chemtank as the first item.

The added resistances, and the incredibly high movement speed the item provides, make Udyr almost as fast as Hecarim, with a very high ganking potential. With the upcoming adjustments to the items, and the nerf to the base damage he is about to receive, Udyr will no longer be able to zoom in and out of team fights.

Players can lock him and burst him down a lot easier when patch 11.7 finally goes live next week.

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