League of Legends streamer on a mission to prove Riot’s ban system as flawed, Reddit reacts

Twitch streamer LionL9 skips 708 account bans to continue playing League of Legends (Screengrab via LionL9 YouTube channel)
Twitch streamer LionL9 skips 708 account bans to continue playing League of Legends (Screengrab via LionL9 YouTube channel)

It's no secret that League of Legends can become contentious when players put in enough time and effort only to find out that their efforts aren't paying off.

As a result, the League community is considered to be one of the most toxic in the video game industry. To reduce toxic behavior and rid the game of inters, griefers, and trolls, Riot Games has implemented an automated ban system that detects unpleasant behavior and instantly bans toxic individuals.

However, one League player, LionL9, consistently runs the clock down in the middle of games in an effort to get Riot to permanently ban his IP address.

Twitch streamer LionL9 has over banned 700 League of Legends accounts

Small Twitch streamer LionL9 has made it his mission to completely destroy every League of Legends game he plays. Despite the fact his motivation is unknown to the general public, he currently has over 700 permanently banned accounts.

The issue is that after having an account banned, he simply creates a new account and begins again. LionL9 usually chooses a champion with Ghost and Teleport to increase the effectiveness of his feeding.


Despite the fact that Riot's ban system is widely regarded as broken, it appears astounding that a League player can publicly ruin hundreds of matches while Riot does nothing to remove a persistent troll who will simply create a new account, queue up, and ruin even more matches. Riot's banning system justifies:

"You got permabanned because you continued showing disruptive behavior. Usually by the time you have reached being permabanned, you have already been banned before. During each of these bans, you have been given your chat logs, or other kinds of evidence, that have led to the bans in an effort to help you learn and improve your own actions."

It adds:

"The reality is that the behavior displayed was so negative or disruptive that it breached the Summoner's Code or Terms of Use. Such behavior can be severe enough to bypass all other warnings and result in the immediate banning of your account."

Several Redditors, however, poured their rage towards LionL9's hack, calling him a loser for his actions.

League of Legends Redditors calls out LionL9 as "mentally unwell"

In any case, Redditors did not support LionL9's mission. The majority of them believe the Twitch streamer is sick and only doing this to gain attention. They also believe the Swedish League of Legends player may require immediate psychological assistance.

The thread went on to discuss:

Normally, in similar scenarios, supporters of famous League of Legends streamers would stand up for them and lobby the League to lift the ban, but in light of the events that led to the permaban of LionL9, fans were quick to criticize the way he handled the matter.

However, a few expressed their dissatisfaction with the activity, asserting that if the suspension was unfair, he should have simply spoken to support personnel to have it lifted rather than attempting to circumvent it.

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