League of Legends players are not happy with Season 11's Ranked rewards

The Victorious Blitzcrank skin is available to all League of Legends players who reach Gold or higher (Image via Riot)
The Victorious Blitzcrank skin is available to all League of Legends players who reach Gold or higher (Image via Riot)
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As per each season of League of Legends, players who participate in ranked queues and reach a high enough tier receive rewards for their effort spent year-round. For a majority of the game's existence, anyone who passes Silver into Gold at minimum receives a Victorious skin that resembles a golden/white version of a champion for free.

However, this year, many League of Legends fans are unhappy with Riot's rewards at the end of Season 11.

i finally get a victorious skin being G2 and its blitzcrank i hate it here

The Victorious skins and Ranked rewards drive many players to compete all year long. However, apparently, Blitzcrank falls to the bottom of the list for possible candidates to receive this skin.

Blitzcrank doesn't exactly fare similarly to the other Victorious skins, like Graves, Aatrox, and Lucian, who all display powerful, inspirational champions worthy of carrying the Victorious label.

Season 11 rewards don't live up to League of Legends players' expectations

The biggest letdown that League of Legends players are upset over is the decision for the Victorious skin, Blitzcrank. Many people are stating how the Great Steam Golem doesn't fit in with the Victorious stigma.

The skin looks a little clunky, and the Chromas that come with it don't make it look any better.

Alongside that, the Chromas released are based on the individual League of Legends player's rank in solo/duo queue and flex queue, meaning they don't get to choose which one they want.

As fans on Twitter are stating, the only one worth obtaining is the Challenger version that depicts a bright golden and blue image of Blitzcrank. Riot offers several Chromas for each skin for a reason: to give players the ultimate customization option so they can pick which color scheme they want.

@Patreii6 @Spideraxe30 Challenger chroma looks like a victorious skin. Sadly even base blitz doesn't look like it.

The next item on the list that League of Legends players aren't happy with is the Summoner Icons that display their rank aside from the Victorious skin. Apparently, this year's Icons are incredibly similar to last year.

There can't be much variation between the years, but fans say Season 11's are basically reused from Season 10.

@ThePotatoWard I wish they weren't literal reuses from last year :(

The Clash system for Season 11 is also taking a beating. Finishing in high enough tiers in Clash offer similar rewards for solo queue and flex, but players are starting to say that the rewards are not worth the effort and issues that the game mode brings.

CLASH = CRASHCmon, its been 4 years. Just drop the idea of this stupid thing. No1 cares about useless rewards like icons and ward skins, when it broke the game for entire day.For this we have FlexQ or custom 5v5 games. #LeagueOfLegends @RiotSupport

Almost all of Season 11's ranked rewards fall below what League of Legends users wanted. Riot has done an excellent job with the reward system in previous years and has given players high-quality loot. However, this year, a good chunk of fans are reacting negatively.

@LeagueOfLegends I don't mind the skin being for Blitz, but can the in-game model actually look like the splash art and not that dumpster fire that's shown in the ranked rewards page?
@LeagueOfLegends 1 year later ranked is still the same mess as beforeChange LP gain and lose based on performanceremove autofill give better rewards for people that are playing ranked the whole year1 budget awful skin is not equel playing ranked almost whole year
@LeagueOfLegends The weakest champ of LeL is getting a "Victorious" skin, toxic/self-injury inducing "players" are at loose and RITO, behind the curtains, only "expells" the ones doing their dirty job... yep, this year, like Blitzcrank, was and will ever remain utter G.A.R.B.A.G.E.

Hopefully, Season 12 can revamp what League of Legends offers its players who grind it out in ranked.

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