League of Legends' pre-season 2023 is set to see the return of the Chemtech Drake

The Chemtech Drake is all but ready to make its return to the game (Image via League of Legends)
The Chemtech Drake is all but ready to make its return to the game (Image via League of Legends)

On October 3, 2022, League of Legends provided information regarding the return of Chemtech Drake, a neutral monster that was banned from the game earlier this year due to it being overpowered. This time around, the developers are introducing a few changes to make the drake feel balanced.

This article will briefly go over the changes that are getting introduced to Chemtech Drake for pre-season 2023. It is also vital to mention that the impact of these changes is currently difficult to determine, but they do look promising.

Chemtech Drake was originally added to the game back in the 2022 pre-season. However, community outrage led to it being banned indefinitely from both solo queue and professional games.

Everything that League of Legends fans need to know regarding the updated Chemtech Drake

It seems that Chemtech Drake is ready to make a return with League of Legends Season 13. In June, the developers announced that they would be tweaking Chemtech Drake and provided a brief outline of the changes.

Along with the pre-season 2023 preview, full details have been provided regarding these changes.

Chemtech Drake changes in pre-season 2023

The changes to Chemtech Drake that are set to arrive later this year are as follows:

  • The brand new Chemtech Drake will provide buffs to Tenacity and Heal/Shields upon being slain.
  • Chemtech Soul will provide a significant boost to damage when the health of the character is below a certain level.

However, the changes do not end here. Once Chemtech Drake has full control over the Rift, it will also make changes to the map. Changes to the map under the influence of Chemtech Drake are as follows:

  • The range of Blast Cones will increase upon the influence of Chemtech Drake.
  • Honey Fruits will get upgraded to Stim Fruits. These Stim Fruits will provide a small shield alongside the heal and will not slow down champions upon consumption.
  • Scryer's Bloom will get changed to Stalker's Bloom. Once that happens, upon being hit, these plants will reveal a circular area around the plant as well as a cone in the direction opposite to which it was hit. The player who hits the Stalker's Bloom will get a movement speed increase. Any wards that get revealed will get reduced to 1 HP.

The changes to Chemtech Drake appear to be significant. The damage boost that Chemtech Soul will provide sounds very interesting, but it remains to be seen if it's able to make a huge difference.

If the damage boost is too high, there may be a few nerfs later on to restore balance. However, the changes to the map are what makes Chemtech Soul much more valuable in League of Legends.

The upgraded Blast Cones, Honey Fruits, and Scryer's Blooms will provide many more playmaking options. The previous version of Chemtech Soul simply added a camouflage region that hid champions and led to a lack of visibility, making ward management a nightmare.

This change, however, won't create any problems for the player. In fact, it should give them more agency in terms of how they approach the game and attack their opponents in League of Legends.