League of Legends set to enhance experience gain in top lane to provide better scaling in pre-season 2023

Top lane is getting major changes with regards to experience gained in pre-season 2023 (Image via Riot Games)
Top lane is getting major changes with regards to experience gained in pre-season 2023 (Image via Riot Games)

On October 3, 2022, League of Legends officially announced a few changes that the game will be introducing in terms of lane experience for pre-season 2023. These changes will include enhancing the experience gained in the top lane and reducing it across other lanes to improve the scaling of the former.

Hence, all the changes related to experience gained across lanes have been discussed briefly in this article. These changes can result in positive and negative experiences.

While it is true that it might give top laners a bit more agency, considering how brutal the lane is, there is a possibility that other lanes might feel underwhelming. It is tough to say how deep of an impact it will have, but the numbers do not look very convincing.

League of Legends' experience changes is buffing the top lane but massively nerfing the bot lane

Before moving further, it is first important to provide the various changes being brought forth with respect to the experience gained across the lanes in League of Legends pre-season 2023.

Experience changes in Lanes within League of Legends

The changes in the various lanes with regards to experience gained are as follows:

  • Solo Lane: Every champion in the solo lanes will receive a 95% experience multiplayer (Previously, it used to be 93%).
  • Duo Lane: Champions in duo lanes will get a 22% experience multiplayer from minions (previously, it used to be 24.73%)
  • Mid Lane: Every minion in the mid lane will now give one less gold up until 14 minutes

Hence, it is clear that the developers are trying to help the top lane to enhance their scaling in League of Legends. Players often complain that the top lane is too reliant on the mid lane and the jungle to perform, and players often feel helpless.

Apart from that, the top lane does not provide any significant advantages despite being so hard, making it even more unforgiving. Therefore, enhanced experience gained from the top lane will make the lane very crucial.

The bot lane is getting nerfed massively, which will bring a massive shift in meta. The mid lane will gain more experience because it is a solo lane, but it will also gain less gold in League of Legends.

Overall, the only lane that is benefitting from this is the top lane and this will have massive implications in professional play. If the pre-season 2023 changes become the norm for season 13, professional games will all focus on the top lane.

Players pick more carry champions, and good top laners will be rewarded. Things like tank champions in the top lane will be reduced massively as nobody would want to funnel the enhanced experience gains to champions that cannot deal any damage.

The problem is that the nerfs to the bot lane, and mid lane might also make the game one-dimensional. Every team will now try to play for the top lane, and there will be no variation in gameplay. It will be interesting to see how much the changes impact, but this is something that several League of Legends players might not enjoy.