League of Legends' jungle improvements in pre-season 2023: Pets, recommended paths, and more

Details regarding jungle improvements for pre-season 2023 (Image via Riot Games)
Details regarding jungle improvements for pre-season 2023 (Image via Riot Games)

On October 3, 2022, League of Legends provided a lot of information on the various jungle improvements that will be added to the game along with pre-season 2023. These adjustments include an introduction to pets and other quality-of-life changes like jungle-pathing guide, and more.

Hence, all the improvements that are being introduced to the jungle have been discussed in this article very briefly. The changes that are being introduced are quite interesting.

A quick-and-easy reference guide for all Preseason 2023 content coming to #PBE πŸ—’οΈFull details hereπŸ”½πŸ”§🧡

These improvements will essentially inspire newer players to pick up the role that several of them try to avoid as much as possible. They will guide players and try to teach them, while also ensuring that the game does not babysit too much and leaves scope for free thinking and skill expression.

In short, the developers are introducing things into the game that beginners would otherwise have to search for on third-party websites.

Full details regarding the upcoming jungle improvements for League of Legends pre-season 2023

Jungle improvements for League of Legends pre-season 2023


Jungle pets (Image via Riot Games)
Jungle pets (Image via Riot Games)

Amongst the many improvements that are being introduced in League of Legends, the first one revolves around pets as they are the only things that are not specifically targeted towards beginners.

Players will be able to buy these pets from the shop itself in the form of an egg. As the game progresses and as they get monster kills, the pets will eventually evolve, providing avatar buffs to the players who own them.

There are three kinds of pets:

  1. Noxian Embercat: This pet is for those players who love to be aggressive. It will provide a damage bonus as well as slow down enemies.
  2. Ixtali Ixamander: This pet is meant for those who want to play tank junglers. Once evolved, it will grant a shield, and if that is broken, players will gain slow-resist and tenacity.
  3. Ionian Cloudleaper: This pet is meant for those junglers who love to gank. Once evolved, the Ionian Cloudleaper will grant a movement-speed bonus.

Thus, the pets look quite interesting and will add a lot more playmaking option to junglers. This will massively help both beginners as well as veterans as players will have more agency and command over the map instead of being sacrificial lambs.

Leashing Indicators

Jungle Improvements:3⃣ New jungle pets.πŸ” Leashing range indicators.πŸ“Œ Recommended jungle paths.

It often happens that players draw out jungle monsters from the camps in order to make clearing faster and also to confuse the enemy by moving away from any potential wards. However, jungle camps have a mechanic where if the monsters are drawn out a bit too much, their health resets and they return back to their camps.

Veterans know how much the monsters need to pulled, but newer players lack the knowledge. The brand new Leashing indicator will provide a visual direction on how far they can be pulled, beyond which they will reset to full health.

This will ensure that even beginners can optimize jungle clearing, thereby incentivizing them to play the role even more.

Jungle pathing recommendation

Pathing recommendations (Image via Riot Games)
Pathing recommendations (Image via Riot Games)

Learning jungle pathing is extremely vital in League of Legends. This is because following a certain order gives more experience and saves more time than others. As it happens, beginners do not know that, which often makes playing jungle extremely problematic.

This new Jungle pathing guide within the game will ensure that players know what route to follow for optimal clearing, so that they can gank other lanes and help the rest of the team.

These recommendations will be based off data from high level players and will be specific to every champion. The pathing will also be updated with every patch in League of Legends.

These changes will be quite welcome for newer players in League of Legends. Some might feel that the game is babysitting them too much, but it is something that will help everyone learn the complicated aspects of the game.

League of Legends has become very deep and intricate after almost 13 years and can be a bit overwhelming at times. These changes will ensure it does not feel that way and players learn to enjoy the game while embracing its competitive aspects.

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