League of Legends teases upcoming Uniqlo collection

Image Via Riot Games
Image Via Riot Games
Preyashu Halder

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo is collaborating with Riot’s MOBA, League of Legends, and bringing new designs of clothes that will surely excite fans of the game.

It has been teased by League of Legends' official Twitter handle and other social media accounts that Japanese clothing brand, Uniqlo, is working with Riot Games.

League of Legends is a world-famous online multiplayer game, where teams are required to defend their half of the map while attempting to attack the enemies' side. This game is renowned because of its diverse range of champions, each having a unique set of abilities.

Taking Uniqlo's background in working with other companies and franchises from different forms of media into account, it is likely that they will produce several intriguing designs within their line of UT Graphics Tees. The company's most famous collaborations include Evangelion and One Piece, while their most recent ones were with Ultraman, Godzilla, and even Disney.

Ahri modeling K/DA merch for League of Legends

Ahri, one of the characters of League of Legends, is a nine-tailed fox. She is being used for the promotion of the Uniqlo x League of Legends collection.

In the image, Ahri is wearing a black shirt with a logo of virtual k-pop group K/DA, which consists of four League of Legends champions. Whether or not the collab is with the pop group specifically, or whether other champions in general are also involved, remains to be seen.

The excitement that this image has caused among League of Legends fans is quite understandable, considering that Uniqlo isn't a brand that costs a relative bomb. The outfits made by them are usually in the affordable range, and on their website, one can find pieces for as low as $13.

League of Legends has done clothing collaborations before. However, the 2019 collab was with ultra-luxury brand Louis Vuitton, which essentially made it impossible for the average fan to purchase any items they desired.

Uniqlo has done collaborations with games like Animal Crossing and Pokemon in the past, and fans just can’t wait for the new merchandise to drop. People interested in taking advantage of this collaboration will have to await further details, as the release date and the number of items that are set to be launched both remain a mystery at this point.

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