League of Legends trailer provides first official look at K'Sante, new Shurima-based tank champion

K'Sante gets an official look in brand new League of Legends trailer (Image via Riot Games)

On October 13, 2022, League of Legends released a brand new cinematic trailer called "The Hunter's Pride." It provided the first official look at K'Sante, the latest Shurima-based tank champion.

Rumors regarding K'Sante have been revolving in the community for quite a while, with several leakers and even developers teasing the champion in a variety of ways. However, the wait seems to be over as with the arrival of the trailer, the release date seems to be imminent.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't provide any information regarding the kit or skills of the champion. However, that might be made available in the next few days.

K'Sante hails from Nazumah, a city free from Azir's rule in League of Legends

K'Sante's brand new League of Legends trailer provided a deep insight into his lore. It is already known that this new champion hails from Shurima, the same region as Azir, Sivir, and Renekton.

However, K'Sante's origins are quite unique. The champion hails from Nazumah, a secluded city in Shurima, far from the Ascended and Azir's reign.

Unfortunately, freedom from Azir's rule comes at a cost and the residents of Nazumah didn't have the luxury of natural resources. K'Sante's ancestors had to jeopardize their lives to purge nefarious monsters and secure water for their people. While proceedings are a little better now, the dangers and hardships continue to persist.

As the champion of Nazumah, K'Sante stands between the monsters and his beloved city.

In the trailer, League of Legends players will see a piece of paper with a massive bow drawn over it. This might be a clue to K'Sante's choice of weapon, though that might be a bit hard to confirm.

In any case, with the trailer having arrived, fans might be eager to know about the release date of the champion. Usually, whenever the developers provide a trailer, the champion is added to the upcoming PBE (Public Beta Environment) server.

So there is a high chance that K'Sante might be introduced to patch 12.21 PBE cycle. In that case, the champion might be released in League of Legends somewhere towards the end of October or the beginning of November, right after the end of Worlds 2022.

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