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League of Legends: The journey of Caps from the TCL to Worlds finals

06 Nov 2019, 17:16 IST

Caps is finally playing to his true potential
Caps is finally playing to his true potential

Rasmus "Caps"  Borregaard Winther has had a career full of ups. The 19-year-old from Denmark has won multiple accolades in his short career, and will be the focal point of the series when G2 Esports will face FunPlus Phoenix in the finals of Worlds 2019 A skillful gamer and a flashy player, Caps has come a long way from playing in a minor region to being just a step away from the Worlds’ trophy.

Caps made the headlines when Fnatic signed him from the Turkish league in 2017. Immediately labeled as "Baby Faker" for his insane mechanical skills, Caps was ready to tackle EU LCS. He showed a few glimpses of his talent but was inconsistent throughout the split.

He often played on a knife-edge and his aggressive playstyle was punished by other players. Summer split was much better for Caps and the Fnatic squad as they made it to Worlds 2017. Caps was subpar in the tournament and was second fiddle to Martin "Rekkles" Larsson in every match.

2018's spring split is where Caps really started to shine. The Danish mid-laner became the primary carry for Fnatic, and he was phenomenal in every game. He carried his performance from spring to summer split and this earned him the MVP of the summer split. Even though Fnatic made it to the finals of Worlds 2018, Caps came under scrutiny as he was outclassed by other mid-laner's. He couldn’t match the best mid-laner's on the big stage, and this became a sticking point for him.

Caps made a surprising move to G2 Esports in the spring split of 2019, and this is where Caps rose to a new level as the star mid-laner won back to back domestic split's and even won the Mid Season Invitational.

A player who used to show jitters on the big stage is now a full-fledged juggernaut for G2 Esports, who have made it to the finals of Worlds 2019, and Caps has been a big part of their success.

He held his own against the likes of Showmaker and Faker in the tournament and will now aim to solidify his legacy with the Worlds trophy.

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