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Legends of Runeterra: The ‘Buff Fiora’ Deck Guide

Fiora is a very underrated and under-used champion card in the game right now
Fiora is a very underrated and under-used champion card in the game right now
Modified 13 Feb 2020

One of the most amazing aspects of Legends of Runeterra is that the game allows for and favors a lot of different play styles.

From aggro, to control, to annoying mushroom comps, you can make a variety of fun and unique decks and still get a win even if the build you went for wasn’t exactly meta approved.

And one such fun to play composition is the ‘buff and protect’ Fiora deck.

If you love playing decks whose style revolves around protecting and then buffing some key units, then give this build a try. We assure you, it’s incredibly fun to use.

The Idea Behind it

A basic Buff Fiora deck composition (screenshot from Mobalytics)
A basic Buff Fiora deck composition (screenshot from Mobalytics)

The Buff Fiora deck is all about shocking your opponent with all the tricks and spells that are up your sleeves. 

But it’s not all that easy to play, and we recommend you use it only after gaining a strong knowledge of the decks and cards from other regions. However, it is this very challenge which makes the deck so very fun and satisfying to play, winning with it in a duel of wits is indeed an incredible feeling.

Win Conditions

We can’t stress how important it is to keep your major units alive with this deck. Cards like Fiora and Rivershaper are going to be your No.1 win condition, and you will need to keep them buffed and well protected throughout the game.


Make intelligent trades on both yours and the opponent's attack turns, and try not to go all-in unless you’re sure that you will be the one coming out ahead. 

It's important to pick and use your spells wisely

Spells like Deny, Spirit Refuge, and Riposte will prevent the opponent from clearing your board, while Judgement can turn the game on its head in just a snap.


With the Buff and Protect Fiora deck, it’s going to be a patience game, and you will have to restrain yourself from playing your hand too soon. 

It requires a deeper knowledge of the game and other regions to pull off, and generally doesn’t do all that well against Ephemeral and Elusive compositions. 

Published 13 Feb 2020, 13:24 IST
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