"Let's give West an inferior version while calling for excuses": Western Lost Ark players are unhappy about the missing classes

Western players of Lost Ark are upset over the missing classes (Images via Smilegate RPG)
Western players of Lost Ark are upset over the missing classes (Images via Smilegate RPG)

Despite the hit launch of Lost Ark's western version, cracks have started to appear in less than two months since its release. Differences between it and the Korean version were always expected, given that the latter has been on the market for a far longer time.

One of the significant differences between the two is the number of available and advanced classes. Since its release, many items have been added to the game, but the missing types are still missing. This has upset many fans, with some believing that Amazon Games doesn't care enough.

One player believes that the western version is nothing but an attempt to give an inferior product. In some sense, it's just selling on the success of the Korean version.

Players of Lost Ark's western version are not happy with current developments


Owing to its longer existence, there are more available classes on the Korean version. Every class comes with its strengths and weaknesses, and it can affect the playstyle of the gamers.

Amazon Games had promised that there would be more classes, and one could have expected at least one by now. Unfortunately, the promised roadmap is yet to arrive, and players on the western version have no option but to play characters they don't wish to continue with.

Reddit user u/EmPudding posted a meme on the game's subreddit which drew a reference to Spongebob Squarepants. The meme showed that players on the Russian and Korean versions have far superior content and are happier.

The player stated that they're still waiting for the missing classes and other Quality of Life (QoL) improvements.

The user found support from other community members as everyone stated their main areas of concern.

Another member added something more alarming. They claimed that calling the western version an inferior one is downplaying the current situation. It clearly states that the western version is even farther below the expectations of its players.

One user stated that they aren't even sure when the class they want to play will be released. What's even more alarming is the fact that the user may lose interest by the time that the specific class gets added to the game.

There's a belief that players are not playing the game completely owing to missing classes of their choice. This was proven by one gamer who claimed that they're saving content for the summoner class.

There has been a counter that the Korean versions had to wait for a long time to get the classes. However, the point got debunked since T3 content also came late over there.

There has been significant controversy over T3 content in recent times. The recent additions led to some players claiming that Lost Ark is nothing but a pay-to-win game.

One player added that what Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG are doing makes sense business-wise. However, it feels hard for the consumers in this case.

Players are clearly unhappy with the meager rate of addition of skins and other features to the western version. One player feels that this is unacceptable and actions are being taken, keeping profit in mind.

The pace of additions to video games is quite important. Too much delay and it could reduce the playerbase. This could very much happen with Lost Ark as one player spoke about their loss of interest in the summer.

It's not just beginners and mid-tier Lost Ark players who are waiting for the new classes and skins. One player, who is reportedly at the endgame stage, is withholding for the time being as they are waiting for the class they want.

Amazon Games recently spoke about player feedback and the response about classes and skins is clear. Unless the developers act quickly and produce a roadmap at the very least, Lost Ark could go down the path of New World.