"It's the closing of a chapter" - Logan Paul explains shock decision to move to Puerto Rico

Image Via Logan Paul
Image Via Logan Paul

In his latest Impaulsive episode, Logan Paul confirmed that he would be leaving California in favor of Puerto Rico. He's the latest in a wave of YouTube personalities leaving California that took off in 2020.

In the Impaulsive clip, Logan Paul talks about his upcoming move to Puerto Rico, which seems to have been a relatively recent decision.

"I'm moving to Puerto Rico. I was there this past week kind of scouting it out. I've been fiending for a change in my life. And I think I got that bug that bit me, that is biting everyone leaving LA, and I finally got it."

Mike Majlak and Logan Paul then discussed their opinions on Puerto Rico and their initial thoughts before they first went. Logan Paul initially thought that the country might have been more third-world than it is. When he went to scout it out, he said he "fell in love" with the area.

The YouTuber and boxer appears to be set on the idea. Life around him has apparently started to feel different, as if a chapter of his time in California is coming to an end.

"I feel like it's the closing of a chapter and the opening of a new one. There's been a lot of senior year vibes around the house. I've been singing that song 'as we go on, we remember.'"

Logan Paul is moving shortly after his brother Jake Paul left California


In the video, Mike Majlak also said that Logan Paul made them all a PowerPoint to state his case. He wants them all to move with him, and it seems like he still has some work to do if he wants to convince his friends.

By the beginning of 2021, Jake Paul also left California to pursue his own interests. As Jake trains, he wanted to focus on his boxing career away from California. Rather than Puerto Rico, though, Jake Paul decided to move to Florida.

Both of the Paul Brothers have upcoming boxing fights as California becomes a thing of the past. Jake Paul has a fight with Ben Askren and Logan Paul is set to fight Floyd Mayweather.

In Logan Paul's case though, the fight was delayed until both sides can sort out the business decisions in their camps. After their fight, it may be Jake who fights Floyd.