"Lone Wolves: because none of your friends still play": Halo Infinite fans react at the news of Season 02 announcement

Halo Infinite players are equally excited and skeptical about Season 02 and its contents (Images via 343 Industries)
Halo Infinite players are equally excited and skeptical about Season 02 and its contents (Images via 343 Industries)

With the announcement of Season 02, Halo Infinite and 343 Industries are back in the news after a slew of complaints about a dry spell. On April 8, the developers announced the release date of the brand new season.

There have been reveals of certain modes, new maps, and other major changes that are set to arrive. Titled "Lone Wolves," two of the upcoming characters have been showcased along with some important pieces of information.

Naturally, fans are excited and have flocked to social media to state their opinions.

Players and fans have been disappointed with 343 Industries' handling of the game. The start of Season 02 was pushed back earlier, leaving many players unsatisfied.

However, with the confirmed information of a release date and a major part of the changes, the developers have reasonably regained players' interest. There have been some expressions of concern, but the overall reception of the announcement has been positive.

Halo Infinite players react to announcement of Season 02 by 343 Industries

The biggest news of the evening has been the fact that Halo Infinite is finally getting new content.

New maps have been announced, which will be part of the many new additons the players will be able to access. One player already believes that the desert map will be worth the wait.

The new armors that have been showcased has also found love from the players.

Some players feel that the armors having separate cores could make the situation more complex. However, they also believe that cross core will eventually arrive in the game.

The Battle Pass of Halo Infinite will undergo a major change with the start of Season 02. The free path will offer more customizations, while the paid path can give up to 1000 premium currency.

One player seemed unhappy about it and felt that there should have been more content on the pass instead.

@Halo Not impressed to be honest, you spend $10 on the battle pass just to have it refunded to you through the BP? Like come on 343 you can do way better than that. That 1000 cR can only get you so far and when what? Spend even more money? You all have no clue what some fans want..

There have been rumors of a new battle royale mode and it appears that Last Spartan Standing is indeed a thing. The entire details of the mode are yet to be given out, but players are anticipating it to be a fun battle royale mode.

It doesn't require a disclaimer to state that the new armors look fantastic. While some feared that they might be locked in the shop, it's reassuring that the items will be on the battle pass.

Not every player is hyped about the additions that are going to arrive in the game. One fan listed down the total additions that are going to arrive and stated that there needs to be a radical change.

Desync has been a major problem that has plagued players in the game. One player believes that no amount of new content can improve the game unless the network issues are resolved in Season 02.

Some players hope that Season 02 will be able to drive away the negativity surrounding the game.

Sadly for some players, the fan-favorite Forge mode won't be added to Halo Infinite until Season 03. Players will need to wait at least four more months to possibly get it.

While the new season will add new maps, the total count is lesser than what Halo 2 added in a similar timespan.

The actual outcome of all the additions can only be known when Season 02 releases on Halo Infinite. 343 Industries are yet to reveal complete details, and players can expect more information in the coming days. While the overall mood has turned positive, the developers have to develop on a lot of promises.

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