Ludwig announces Ninja as a last-minute addition to his poker tournament

Ludwig is hosting a Poker tournament at 7.30 PM PT on his Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ludwig is hosting a Poker tournament at 7.30 PM PT on his Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

The hype around Ludwig's $1 million poker game is set to reach new heights as the streamer has announced that Ninja will also be partaking in the event. Two of the biggest streamers on Twitch and YouTube will also be joined by the likes of xQc and Alexandra Botez for this high-stakes game, which is already live on Ludwig's YouTube channel.

Here's everything you need to know about the tournament and how excited the fans of the streamers present are.

okay I added one more person to the poker game… $1 Million Poker GameLive on my stream7:30 PM PT@alexandravbotez @slime_machine @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan@MrBeast @xQc And our last player @Ninja SEE U THERE

$1 million up for grabs on Ludwig's stream today: All you need to know


Much to the excitement of the streaming community, the event was announced yesterday and went live today. Professional poker players Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth are also joining the streamers to compete in the $100,000 buy-in game. The initial announcement tweet did not include Ninja, and his addition was announced around five hours before the highly anticipated event commenced.

The format is no-limit Texas Hold Em, where five community cards are dealt, with each player having two cards to match the five cards on the table to make the best possible hand. This further accentuates the amount of money that flows around the table as players have to make riskier bets to progress.

currently watching @alexandravbotez absolutely destroy everyone at the ludwig poker tournament

At the time of writing, Alexandra Botez was leading in cumulative winnings, with Mr. Beast and Alan populating the tail end of the scoreboard. The scoreboard is in this position after more than 6 hours of play. xQc has been eliminated from play after making a risky "all-in" decision as a last resort.


Earlier today, on Pokimane and xQc's podcast stream, he revealed that he has gambled away nearly $2,000,000 in the past month.

The game is organized by Hustler Casino, based in LA, which hosts similar streams every weekday. This collaboration with Ludwig is their most-watched show, with nearly 50,000 consistent viewers throughout the game.

Fans react to Ninja being added to Ludwig's poker game

Streamers and poker players who were going to be present at the event expressed their joy at Ninja's addition.

With the game already on the minds of the streaming community, the addition of Twitch's most followed streamer is bound to boost that excitement.

@FionnOnFire @LudwigAhgren @alexandravbotez @slime_machine @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @MrBeast @xQc @Ninja I have literally never been more excited for a stream in my life.
@LudwigAhgren @alexandravbotez @slime_machine @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @MrBeast @xQc @Ninja There is no doubt that this willl be the biggest poker stream in history!!!

While the streamer fanbase was out in droves, poker fans joined in the fun and are watching the stream with bated breath.

@LudwigAhgren @alexandravbotez @slime_machine @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @MrBeast @xQc @Ninja Dude this is gonna be epic ! As a poker fan who found out about you in the first place because I was watching poker streamers on twitch then found out about you and a lot of these other streamers and started following you guys, tonight is gonna be great.
@LudwigAhgren @alexandravbotez @slime_machine @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @MrBeast @xQc @Ninja I love what you guys trying to do for poker! If the shady past of poker can be eliminated, poker can start its way back to the glory days.
@LudwigAhgren @alexandravbotez @slime_machine @phil_hellmuth @TomDwan @MrBeast @xQc @Ninja Holy fuck I’m a Tom Dwan fan boy. I can’t wait to watch this

Some users felt this poker game garnered more hype than Lud's Mogul Money event that is scheduled in July.

Ludwig is a popular streamer who made the switch from Twitch to YouTube in November last year. A variety of games along with long interactive streams are a regular feature on his channel. He also won "Streamer of the Year" at the recent Streamer Awards.

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