Ludwig toys with chat by teasing to reveal how much money YouTube Gaming is paying him

How much is Ludwig's contract with YouTube Gaming worth? (Image via Twitch/QTCinderella)
How much is Ludwig's contract with YouTube Gaming worth? (Image via Twitch/QTCinderella)

Following the reveal of his move to YouTube Gaming, Ludwig Ahgren teased his chat by almost revealing the real value of his new streaming contract.

The content creator announced the move on November 29, 2021. During his last Twitch stream, Ahgren explained that YouTube Gaming had offered him several times more than what Twitch had, which became one of the leading factors in making his decision.

This has led to much speculation on the amount that he was paid by YouTube to ditch Twitch.

Ludwig narrates his own eulogy at "funeral" stream held by girlfriend QTCinderella on Twitch

Blaire "QTCinderella" knows how to read trends quite well, as evidenced by her latest stream. In a hilarious set up, the Sh*tcamp host livestreamed a fake funeral for Ludwig Ahgren's Twitch career soon after his announcement went up.

She came dressed in funeral attire with fake tear smears across her face.

During the eulogy, she invited Ludwig himself to say a few words. Taking advantage of the opportunity to jest with her viewers, he said,

"I guess I would start it by saying, first of all, how much money-"

As everyone anxiously awaited to know the real value of Ludwig's contract, his mic was immediately muted. The streamer continued talking despite being completely inaudible to the entire audience. After finishing his piece, he waved to the camera and walked away.

QTCinderella's stream had many viewers chime in and say a few words as if it were a real funeral. Many took the opportunity to execute the best one-liner they could, one which had the streamer flying off camera from a hilarious mix of shock and laughter.

"He can finally play catch with his dad."

Upon hearing the text-to-speech service narrate the message a donater had sent, QTCinderella immediately wheezed in surprise. For context, Ludwig's dad passed away when the entertainer was just 10 years old.

Ludwig's move to YouTube Gaming is a monumental move, as he is said to be enlisting the help of his friend Otto to bring in vast improvements to the site's streaming scene.

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