QTCinderella seemingly reveals value of Ludwig’s streaming contract with YouTube Gaming

QTCinderella reveals the value of Ludwig's new YouTube Gaming contract (Image via Twitch/qtcinderella)
QTCinderella reveals the value of Ludwig's new YouTube Gaming contract (Image via Twitch/qtcinderella)

Blaire "QTCinderella," Ludwig Ahgren's girlfriend and one of his many roommates, has slyly revealed the value of the content creator's new contract with YouTube Gaming.

Ahgren announced his decision to move streaming platforms on November 29, 2021, through a hilarious 2-minute cinematic available on his YouTube channel. According to the Mogul Money host, the decision came after much deliberation.

Ludwig Ahgren's contract with YouTube Gaming possibly worth $30 million according to QTCinderella


Soon after Ludwig Ahgren's decision to move to YouTube Gaming was publicized, fellow content creator Blaire "QTCinderella" held a Twitch live stream that was hilariously themed as a "memorial" for Ludwig.

Titled "Come Pay Tribute to Ludwug," the livestream featured QTCinderella dressed up in funeral attire with tear smudges across her face to mourn Ludwig's career on Twitch.

Two-thirds into the three-hour stream, QTCinderella received a loaded question from a viewer. A question that had plagued the minds of almost everyone who had heard of Ludwig's decision:

"Ok, blink when it hits Ludwig's contract amount. 10 million, 15 million, 20 million, 25 million, 30 million, 35 million, 40 million, 45 million, 50 million, wait really more than 50 million?"

As soon as the text-to-speech reader began reading the numbers out loud, QTCinderella readily indulged the viewer, keeping her eyes wide open. Much to everyone's surprise, she began to blink rapidly at around the $30 million mark.

While it can't be known if QTCinderella was jesting in the moment or not, she did not deny it or play it off as a joke afterwards. However, the streamer hasn't confirmed it verbally either.

What is publicly known, however, is that Ludwig's decision to move was largely based on the amount of money he was receiving from YouTube Gaming, in comparison to Twitch. Supposedly, Twitch's offer for him was a lot lower than YouTube's.

Taking the deal with YouTube allows Ludwig to make more money despite streaming less. It also helps fund all of the larger future projects that he wants to execute. The streamer currently hosts several of his own game shows, including Mogul Money and Hivemind.