Marvel Snap June 2024 roadmap: Deadpool's Diner, Alliances, and more

Marvel Snap June 2024 roadmap details (Image via Nuverse)

The developers have released the Marvel Snap June 2024 roadmap which provides an insight into the upcoming changes within the game. This roadmap is divided into three main categories: Coming Soon, In Development, and In Concept. Updates under the "Coming Soon" category are already developed and awaiting release.

The "In Development" section highlights upcoming changes that are still being worked on. Meanwhile, the "In Concept" category features adjustments that have not yet begun development.

This article sheds light on all three main categories of the Marvel Snap June 2024 roadmap in detail.

The Coming Soon update in the Marvel Snap June 2024 roadmap

Deadpool's Diner development concept (Image via Nuverse)
Deadpool's Diner development concept (Image via Nuverse)

Items in this category are in the final stages of development, and almost ready to be released. The developers are working to remove bugs to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. Here’s what’s on the immediate horizon:

  • Deadpool’s Diner
  • Improved Technical Performance
  • Custom Card Improvements

Deadpool’s Diner is a thrilling event inspired by the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine movie. At Deadpool’s Diner, players bet Deadpool’s Bubs before each match, starting at Table 1. As they win, they earn more Bubs to move up to higher tables, with increased risks and rewards.

Reaching the top table unlocks a brand new card, Cassandra Nova. These games are separate from the typical ladder games, ensuring no risk to player rankings.

In Development details in the Marvel Snap June 2024 roadmap

Alliance development concept (Image via Nuverse)
Alliance development concept (Image via Nuverse)

Features in this section of the Marvel Snap June 2024 roadmap are currently being developed and iterated upon. Here are the required features:

  • Alliances
  • Leagues
  • New Card Mechanic
  • Collectible Infinity Splits

Alliances, previously known as Clans, will be released on July 30, 2024. It will be the cornerstone of the game’s social experience, allowing players to join forces, build communities, and strategize together. Through Alliances, players can collaborate to complete Bounties, chat with members, and earn rewards.

Meanwhile, Leagues are another exciting addition to the Marvel Snap calendar, offering limited-time events where players compete in groups of 30 on a short-term leaderboard for prizes. Players can join a Standard League for free or buy into a Premium League with more rewards.

League Points adjust based on game outcomes, with more cubes translating to more Points. At the end of the League, all participants receive rewards, with the top spots earning the best prizes.

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In Concept details in the Marvel Snap June 2024 roadmap

Features in this phase have been discussed but have not yet undergone any engineering or development work. Community feedback is crucial for these concepts, which may be prioritized, re-scoped, or scrapped based on player input. Here are some future concepts:

  • Draft Mode
  • Card Acquisition Improvements
  • Alliances Competition

Draft Mode, a staple of collectible card games, has been on the developer's to-do list since Marvel Snap’s inception. They will bring a “Snappified” version of Draft Mode to the game and will listen to the community feedback to make changes to it.

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