"Maybe some of them got afraid": Valkyrae opens up about friends who supported her and those who didn't amidst RFLCT drama

Valkyrae spoke about her friends and the RFLCT controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valkyrae spoke about her friends and the RFLCT controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riddhima Pal

Valkyrae has had quite a rough week since the announcement of her skincare brand, RFLCT. The streamer was labeled a scammer due to the lack of scientific evidence regarding the blue light protection claims being made by RFLCT.

She spoke about the issue on her October 23 livestream, where the internet sensation shared her side of the story.


Valkyrae explained that while all the confusion and hate were warranted, the streamer herself was unaware that the scientific studies would not be linked on the official RFLCT website.

She also opened up about the friends who supported her during this controversy and those who didn't.

Valkyrae name-drops friends who supported her during RFLCT controversy

The 100 Thieves co-owner stated that she was unaware of the details of a project she had been working on for two years appearing on the website, thus shocking fans. But what drew more attention was that she decided to bring her fellow streamers into this drama.

Many viewers asked Valkyrae whether her friends had reached out to her during this entire controversy. The 29-year-old responded by saying that several streamers like Leslie and Sykkuno got in touch.

However, she pointed out that nobody thought to let her know that information was missing from the website.

"Not a single one of my friends or anyone I know on the internet asked me, 'Hey Rae, what happened to the website? Why is there no information on the site?' Not a single person."

When she was asked if Pokimane reached out to her, the streamer responded, saying she found it interesting to see which streamer reached out to her when.

"A lot of friends reached out after I posted the voice memo on Twitter, and also a lot of friends reached out when I said I was gonna be talking about friends on social media. I don't know; maybe some of them got afraid."

This comment rubbed a lot of people off the wrong way. Popular streamers such as xQc reacted to Valkyrae's name-dropping, saying that it was her sole responsibility to make sure that things were perfect with the website and not that of her friends.

Valkyrae, however, later confirmed that she did not mean to name-call her friends for being or not being there for her. She confirmed that all of her close friends reached out to her and were supportive and caring towards her throughout the RFLCT controversy.

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