Former G2 Esports League of Legends support Mikyx finally signs with EXCEL for LEC Spring Split 2022

Mikyx, G2 Esports' legendary support will now play for EXCEL (Image via League of Legends/EXCEL)
Mikyx, G2 Esports' legendary support will now play for EXCEL (Image via League of Legends/EXCEL)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle is one of the greatest western League of Legends support players of all time. Mikyx has been an integral part of G2 Esports's legendary Mid Season Invitational team.

However, on January 25, 2022, Mikyx left G2 Esports and signed for another LEC team EXCEL for the 2022 season. Mikyx had a rough year during the 2021 season of the LEC.

First day out of jail 🥷Welcome @G2Mikyx to the LEC team 👊*Pending riot approval

As a result of that, he failed to find a new team despite all his credibility and accomplishments. It seems though, that Mikyx does not have to remain inactive anymore as he is going to play for EXCEL soon.

Mikyx could help elevate EXCEL's performance during the 2022 season of League of Legends LEC

Mikyx is undoubtedly one of the best League of Legends players of all time. His ability to read the game and his decision-making is a cut above everyone else.

Despite that, after the 2022 pre-season he found it very hard to find a new team. Although part of the reason for this was due to his massive asking price, it was still surprising that no team wanted to sign someone like Mikyx.

There were a lot of discussions regarding his future and also some issues as well. Mikyx at one point claimed that Carlos Rodriguez, the CEO of G2 Esports did not honor their agreement.

However, it was soon put to rest and things returned to normal. Towards the end of the pre-season, once every other team had finalized their rosters, Mikyx announced that he will have to sit out the 2022 season.

However, he promised that he will make a return to professional League of Legends once more. It seems though that he did not have to wait long as EXCEL signed him on January 25, 2022.

This is a massive signing for both EXCEL as well as Mikyx. EXCEL has always been a team who fails to make playoffs by the smallest margins. Signing someone like Mikyx will help them ensure that their goal of making it to the playoffs of the 2022 season of the LEC becomes a reality.

Its hard to fault Excel for jumping on the opportunity to sign a player like Mikyx.It really does suck however to see yet another rookie disappear from the league that showed good promise, and its definitely not the first timeNevertheless excited to see Miky back

However, this deal is also good for Mikyx as he will have the chance prove that he is not a washed out support player. Taking it as an opportunity to showcase his skills once more on the big stage Mikyx can prove his doubters wrong.

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