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Minecraft: Dream stans face the wrath of the internet after death threats and toxic tweets surface

Dream's "stans" have come under scrutiny for a bunch of toxic tweets and comments.
Rishabh B.
Modified 20 Mar 2021

Recently, fans of Minecraft YouTuber “Dream” have come under scrutiny for several toxic tweets.

The past few months have been rocky for Dream. First, he was accused of cheating during his Minecraft speedruns, which resulted in his official records being stripped away.

Soon thereafter, Dream's home address was leaked online when a hacker reportedly doxed him after the YouTuber posted a photo of his kitchen on Twitter. The hacker located the house on Zillow. Dream quickly deleted that photo after the incident.

Now, it looks like Dream’s 'stans' have come under scrutiny from the internet for several death threats and other toxic tweets.

Minecraft YouTuber Dream’s fans come under criticism from the internet for toxic tweets

Dream's toxic community has been the focal point of many Twitter discussions. Users have directed attention to various toxic tweets and comments that Dream’s fans have been making on the platform.

The YouTuber recently made a statement on the matter.


As seen in the tweet above, Dream defended his fans on March 20th. He said that offended people tend to overreact, and that his fans are “teenagers who enjoy watching content creators and making friends.”


He followed up the initial post with another one, shedding light on how only a small percentage of his fans can be considered “toxic.” Dream added that people have been overreacting and generalizing his community based on the actions of a few.


However, most people disagree with Dream because some of those fan tweets include death and rape threats.

Critics pointed to Dream’s post from November 20th in which he asked his fans not to send “hate” to anybody on his behalf. They cite this as evidence of the YouTuber knowing about the festering issue.

Moreover, as can be seen in the critical tweets, users don't have issues with the entire fanbase.


The internet found Dream's logic to be flawed. His statement on the matter seems to be avoiding responsibility and deflecting to a point that critics are not making. Besides the other issues with the YouTuber's records, this is now an added reason for Dream's critics to be vocal in their opposition of the content creator.

Published 20 Mar 2021, 16:01 IST
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