Minecraft fans trend #Twitterguy on Twitter to watch him write a description for himself, hilarity ensues 

Image via YouTube ( TommyOutit )
Image via YouTube ( TommyOutit )

The internet is definitely full of people who come up with the weirdest of ideas out of the blue. #twitterguy was trending on Twitter today because of one such idea.

For context, the Twitter guy is the person who writes the descriptions of the various trending hashtags on twitter. So whenever there's a new trend that's spotted on Twitter, this individual is quick to whip up a short and sweet description for it.

#twitterguy trends on Twitter

This morning, streamer Karl Jacobs asked his fans what the new kingdom on the Dream SMP should be called, via a vote. As the vote was going on, #TeamKinikoKingdom was trending. Within a few seconds of it trending, the twitter guy came up with a description for it.

Seeing his prompt response, people started wondering if the twitter guy would write a description for himself as well. And there was only one way to find out. People got #twitterguy trending on Twitter.

Despite having #twitterguy trend on the microblogging platform, the individual who writes the descriptions for such trending hashtags didn't bother writing one for themselves.

Given the fact that the description to the #TeamKinonoKingdom was written very fast, the community started wondering if the Twitter guy was a Dream stan or not.

This individual, whoever they are, acquired quite a few fans on the platform. One user went on to ask the individual to reveal themselves in the description of the trending hashtag.

Users then went on to urge the Twitter guy to join the Dream SMP as well.

However, up until now, they didn't write a description for themselves and has maintained their anonymity. Given the fact that they've maintained their anonymity, no one will ever know if the Twitter guy has joined the Dream SMP or not.

The fact that fans of Dream got #twitterguy trending is something worth noting. It just goes on to show how popular Dream is and how strong his fan base is. The fact that the Twitter guy did not post a description for #twitterguy when it was trending, does come as a mild disappointment to the entire Dream SMP community.

Having said that, and knowing how wholesome Dream's fans are, it's only a matter of time before #twitterguy trends on Twitter again.