Minecraft Speedrunning Team holds firm that Dream cheated

The Minecraft Speedrunning Team holds firm that Dream cheated. (Image via TommyOutit/YouTube)
The Minecraft Speedrunning Team holds firm that Dream cheated. (Image via TommyOutit/YouTube)

The Minecraft Speedrunning Team is holding firm in their ruling that Dream cheated his Minecraft Java Edition 1.16 RSG speedrun from October.

The plot thickens in the Dream Minecraft cheating scandal, as the Minecraft Speedrunning Team has released a new report laying out the mathematical errors and flaws in Dream's defense.

This rebuttal to the report authored by Photoexcitation, includes references to findings made by a collection of actually verified experts in mathematics and statistics.

The new report points out that the author of Dream's report fumbled the usage of frequentist and Bayesian methods, producing the inability for valid conclusions to be made.

Putting the unclear corrections and invalid comparison aside, even the RNG and numbers produced by Photoexcitation is astronomically high and improbable.

This article will be discussing the Minecraft Speedrunning Team's rebuttal to the findings of Dream's defense and present much of the available collective evidence that points to Dream being guilty of cheating.

Minecraft Speedrunning Team holds firm that Dream cheated


The Minecraft community has been set on fire with consistent drama since moderators from the Minecraft Speedrunning Team ruled that Dream cheated his speedrun by using RNG manipulation.

Interested parties can find full coverage of the initial report by the moderator team here.


In order to get a better understanding of the math involved in the Dream cheating scandal, a YouTube video by Mathemaniac endeavors to help above.

Not everyone is inherently gifted or thoroughly educated in advanced math, and this video should prove to help all individuals understand the concepts for themselves.

The way that Dream presented his defense was disingenuous, in and of itself.

Dream attempted to use an unfounded argument to authority by establishing that the author of the report drafted in his defense was a qualified expert. By not offering proof his credentials, the supposed qualifications of the expert can only be taken with a grain of salt.

Furthermore, verified experts have found that the math of Dream's defense report was significantly flawed.

Dream also uses a form of misdirection, by focusing on the massive discrepancy of the supposed margin of error between the findings in his defense and that of the initial report by the moderators.

The Minecraft Speedrunning Team points out in their report that Dream's "expert" made an invalid comparison in his findings, and produced conclusions that cannot be validly made.

Additional evidence can be found in a single compiled image below:

YouTuber Karl Jobst, who is a longtime and respected member of the speedrunning community, offers the following conclusion to the cheating scandal as a whole.

"I am not ignorant to the fact that many people will ignore evidence and believe what they want to believe, and honestly I don't really care about trying to persuade those people. I am mainly invested in the speedrunning community itself, and it seems to be fairly unanimous in the conclusion that Dream cheated. At the end of the day the RNG manipulation was spotted, and the run was invalidated." - Karl Jobst

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There is enough evidence and input from qualified experts, who have all primarily come to the conclusion that Dream might have cheated his Minecraft speedrun. At this point, the constant back and forth and drama should be put to bed.

Allocating more effort and resources towards this scandal would only push more traction and interaction with Dream's content.

Dream is already established in his fame and notoriety, and this scandal is not likely to sour the success he earned through his hard work in 2020.

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