Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA shares how he started dating his wife, Kristin

The Minecraft streamer with his wife Kristin (Image via @Ph1LzA/Twitter)
The Minecraft streamer with his wife Kristin (Image via @Ph1LzA/Twitter)
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In a recent stream, Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA talked about how he and his wife started dating back in 2015. The conversation was sparked by a subscription message in which a fan asked about the song that the streamer frequently associates with his wife. The streamer then told the emotional and heartwarming story of how they started dating.

Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA is quite well-known in the gaming community. After he died in his 5-year-old hardcore world, his streaming career blew up as loads of people started loving his wholesome yet chaotic content. During his streams, Kristin, his then-girlfriend (now wife), was frequently mentioned. His fans gradually started appreciating their relationship and became fans of hers as well.

Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA shares a heartwarming story of how he and his wife started dating


During a Twitch stream, a subscriber of the streamer sent a message asking him about a song named Stolen by Dashboard Confessional and how he frequently associates it with Kristin.

Ph1LzA, while playing in his hardcore world, humorously prepared his viewers that he was about to tell an extremely emotional story. The streamer said this at 0:13 in the clip:

"Prepare the tear ducts, prepare the tear ducts, okay?"
Him preparing his viewers for the emotional story (Image via Canooon/YouTube)
Him preparing his viewers for the emotional story (Image via Canooon/YouTube)

Phil then started talking about when they were both simply friends and hung out with each other and played games. He remembers how he already had feelings for her back then and was unsure whether he should ask her out or not. He expressed how he was extremely nervous about what would happen.

He then explains how she sent him the song (Stolen by Dashboard Confessional), appreciating the lyrics and asking him to listen to it. Ph1LzA told his viewers how it was 2 am for him while he listened to the romantic song.

After that, he couldn't hold back his feelings any longer and asked Kristin to get on a call with her. The song she sent gave him the strength to say something to her. He said this at 0:48 in the stream clip:

"And bear in mind for me it was like 2 am. I listened to it, and I was like. 'Okay, if I don't say something now, I'm gonna regret this.'"
The streamer telling how he started dating (Image via Canooon/YouTube)
The streamer telling how he started dating (Image via Canooon/YouTube)

In the call, he simply asked her out and expressed how he liked her. He didn't express his complete feelings that he was in love but simply asked her out for a date. He then explained how that particular song was what pushed him to confess and start a relationship with her.

On March 12, 2020, the two got married at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, California.

Ph1LzA is a well-known Minecraft streamer who has been playing and streaming the game for quite some time now. He is considered a veteran in the community and has played in several game events like Minecraft Mondays and Minecraft Championship as well.

He is a part of the famous Dream SMP and Origins SMP servers, where he plays with other famous streamers and content creators. He is known for his hardcore world gameplay and has millions of subscribers and followers on YouTube and Twitch.

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