Mizkif finally addresses rumors of him dating Pokimane

Mizkif shuts down rumors of him dating Pokimane (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mizkif shuts down rumors of him dating Pokimane (Image via Sportskeeda)

After his break up with long-term girlfriend Maya Higa, Mizkif has been shipped with Pokimane by several fans. The two of them spending so much time together during Mizkif's trip to Los Angeles only strengthened people's suspicions.

However, on his return to streaming, Mizkif shut down all rumors of him dating Pokimane.

"Uh, by the way, can you all f**k off and stop saying I'm dating every girl that is my friend?"

Mizkif shuts down rumors of dating OfflineTV's Pokimane

Mizkif returned to streaming on October 5 after his Twitch hiatus. While he did not seem to be in the best state as he broke down crying speaking about Maya Higa, he tried his best to be normal and stream.


However, during the course of the stream, he also addressed the issue of people shipping him with his friend, Pokimane. He dismissed the rumors and spoke about the viral TikTok he made with Pokimane, saying that he acted as the g*y best friend:

"I literally did a f**king TikTok with Poki, where I am the g*y best friend, and everyone's being annoying as f**k. Would you shut up, chat?"

He further clarified that he wouldn't make a TikTok video as the best friend of a girl that he wanted to date. He even went on to specify that he made a TikTok video with Austin, which they had to take multiple retakes for.

Mizkif's Los Angeles trip was quite eventful

Mizkif's latest trip to Los Angeles has created quite the buzz on the internet, as he met MrBeast, Pokimane, and other members of OfflineTV. He also made a TikTok video with Pokimane during his trip which has gone viral over the last few days.


Mizkif took his trip to Los Angeles shortly after announcing his break from Twitch. The streamer had recently parted ways with his girlfriend of 2 years, Maya Higa, and said that he did not feel like streaming. He took some time off for himself and went and visited his friends during that time. However, the streamer is back in action now, even though he does not seem to be in the best mental state.

Although Mizkif mentioned that he was still getting used to the idea of being alone, he clarified that he was not seeing anyone and did not intend to do so either.

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