Mizkif invites Dr Disrespect to join OTK gaming and expects Twitch to lose the legal battle 

Mizkif invites Dr Disrespect to be a part of OTK gaming (Image via Mizkif YouTube)
Mizkif invites Dr Disrespect to be a part of OTK gaming (Image via Mizkif YouTube)
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After months of hush on the topic, Dr Disrespect finally opened up about his Twitch ban a couple of days back. The American streamer revealed he is aware of the reasons behind his ban and is apparently suing the platform for the same.

Fans and streamers love the idea, as they want to see the notorious streamer back on the platform. Not only did Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo approve of the idea, but also invited Dr Disrespect to be a part of OTK gaming.

Mizkif is sure that Dr Disrespect will win the legal action against Twitch

It is clear from the video that Mizkif is just another name on the list of streamers who want Twitch to lose.


This is what he said on the subject:

"F**k Twitch, f**k Amazon, just join OTK. Doc if you want to join OTK...take my spot. It's all yours."

Mizkif also stated that he would love for Dr Disrespect to use his Twitch account to stream whenever he wants. The account might get banned, but the former pointed out that it "would be worth it".

Streamers aren't allowed to stream with banned Twitch streamers. TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect are really good friends who don't leave a single opportunity to take virtual jabs at each other. The duo haven't been able to stream Warzone since Doc's mysterious ban from the platform, which has bothered their honest patrons.

Why is Dr Disrespect suing Twitch?

Twitch might've played a massive role in making hundreds of streamers successful, but the platform has also been under the microscope for an array of bizarre decisions.

It's safe to say that banning Doc was one of them. The Two-Time had over 20,000 subscribers on the platform when he was banned. The move has not only deprived him of a hefty sum of money from the Amazon-owned platform, but has also lost him several potential sponsorships.

On top of that, Doc hasn't been able to collaborate with other streamers either, which is pretty unsettling.

From the looks of it, Dr Disrespect is looking to make things even by suing the platform for all his troubles. Be that as it may, the following weeks promise to be pretty exciting.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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