Mizkif reveals a fresh change to future OTK events, following Esfand, Minx and Malena controversy 

Mizkif introduces new change for future OTK events (Image via Twitch/Mizkif)
Mizkif introduces new change for future OTK events (Image via Twitch/Mizkif)
Nakul Ahuja

One True King (OTK) co-founder, Mizkif, has announced a rule change regarding alcohol in all future events of the organization, following a controversy that kicked off during the infamous OTK Friendsgiving event. The controversy saw Esfand, Rebecca "JustaMinx" and Malena Tudi come under the microscope for different reasons.

The event was supposed to break the internet, as it comprised some of the biggest streamers under an umbrella. It did its job, but for all the wrong reasons. The controversy involved alcohol as Malena offered some to Team Envy’s Minx. Esfand intervened to reveal that the latter couldn't consume any as she was taking oxy.…LSF IS WILD. i was begging for a shot for the past half hour and they try blame malena 😭ME TAKING OXY HAS BEEN A BIT FOR THE PAST TWO DAYS
i literally told my chat i got off them because my mom said their addictive. Ive made it obvious me taking oxy is a bit

Interestingly, the actions of all three streamers drew ire from many in the community. Asmongold stated how all three of them were in the wrong, while xQc defended Esfand for his actions.

Mizkif, however, has taken things up a notch to declare a new rule regarding alcohol at future events.

Mizkif reveals how OTK Gaming needs to step the "f*** up" if they want to become a good organization

Although the entire incident was dubbed a joke, Esfand came under fire for overstepping, so much so that several in the community slated him as a "simp".

Mizkif's statement of intent, however, reiterates that OTK Gaming is taking responsibility for making sure that alcohol doesn't breed controversy in their subsequent events.

Here's what he said on the subject in one of his recent streams:

"We’ve talked internally and we all came to an agreement. From now on, OTK thinks it’s best that for alcohol specifically, we are either limiting it or we are just not going to have alcohol for an extended period of time. Alcohol is not beneficial. It’s not good. If you can’t be entertaining without alcohol, you’re not entertaining. That doesn’t just go for me, that goes for all of us."

As already mentioned, the Friendsgiving event attracted attention from the community and other streamers for all the wrong reasons. Responding to which, Mizkif has stated how alcohol doesn't do any good and will be avoided.

It's safe to say Mizkif was talking on behalf of his organization. He stated how OTK needs to step the "f*** up" in order to establish that they mean serious business.

It's quite unclear if Friendsgiving was a successful event. Mizkif didn't reveal any plans for the upcoming ones, which makes following events crucial for his viewers.

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