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Mjolnir in Fortnite: How to pick up Thor's Hammer, Bifrost location, Thor Challenges and more

To wield the power of Thor
To wield the power of Thor's Hammer in Fortnite, you will have to first complete some Thor 'Awakening' challenges (Image Credits: Fortnite News/ Twitter)
Modified 27 Aug 2020, 19:14 IST

The starter skin in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4's Battle Pass is Thor, who is the central character in the fight against Galactus.

However, for all those looking to attain the coveted Mjolnir and wield the power of Thor's Hammer, you will first have to complete a series of Thor 'Awakening' challenges.

Upon completion of these challenges, you will be able to prove your worth and harness the all-mighty power of Mjolnir. Thor's Hammer recently made its way to the Fortnite map when it crash landed at the new Crater POI:

You can find Thor's Hammer located in the Crater POI, which is located just southwest of Salty Springs. However, you can't really pick it up yet, as similar to the comics and the movies, you first have to prove your worth.

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How to pick up Thor's Hammer in Fortnite


To avail of Thor's Hammer, you need to first buy the Battle Pass and reach Level 8. Once that is done, here's how you can claim Thor's Hammer in-game:

  • Ensure you have the Thor Skin equipped
  • Head to the centre of the Crater POI
  • Interact with the Hammer and equip it

On the completion of these steps, the power of Mjolnir will be yours to wield. Available as a powerful Harvesting Tool, it comes with a sweet swinging motion and solid whack effect upon impact.

Thor's Hammer in-game (Image Credits:

Here's the list of Thor's Awakening Challenges:

  • Visit the Bifrost markings as Thor
  • Deal Damages to opponents using Mjolnir
  • Emote as Thor at mountain top ruins

The Bifrost markings are located South of The Authority and East of Weeping Woods, near the new Sentinel Graveyard POI.

On successful completion of these three challenges, you will be rewarded with a Thor God of Thunder skin.

You can watch the video guide on how to complete all the Thor Awakening challenges below:

What's also interesting to note is that apparently, even Captain America is also worthy of picking up Thor's Hammer, as witnessed in Avengers: Endgame.

Some players have revealed:


This latest revelation is sure to excite Fortnite fans who recently seem to be scrambling to pick up Thor's Hammer, as hilariously summed up by one Twitter's user's tweet:

You can watch the video guides on how to pick up Mjolnir in Fortnite below:


Published 27 Aug 2020, 19:14 IST
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