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Mortal plays Valorant: Gameplay, and best moments

Mortal is surprisingly good in Riot Games
Mortal is surprisingly good in Riot Games' Valorant (Image credits: First Post left, Riot Games right)
Modified 23 Sep 2020

It's not every day that we see PUBG Mobile professionals pick up a completely new shooter on a completely different platform. But the recent ban on the game in India has forced many to adapt to the situation, and Naman "Mortal" Mathur is one of the many who was made to try out something completely new. 

After the PUBG Mobile ban, Mortal dipped his fingers into many pies, from Rocket League to Fall Guys, and to Among Us, the once PUBG Mobile superstar has streamed a plethora of games.

Mortal queuing up against Team 8Bit for a custom match (screengrab from stream)
Mortal queuing up against Team 8Bit for a custom match (screengrab from stream)

Even with the PUBG Mobile ban, Mortal remains one of the most popular and celebrated video game streamers in India. His knack for shooting games comes as a second nature, so when he tries out and streams Valorant with Team 8Bit, you know that there is something special on the cards for his fans.

 Mortal plays Valorant

Mortal plays under the username of 'MortaL' in Valorant. However, we are a bit unsure of what his tag id is at this very moment, but we're confident that he will be revealing it in future streams.

If his 3-hour-long Valorant stream confirms anything, it would be that Mortal has the natural instincts of an fps player when it comes to low-ttk tactical shooters.

In the matches against Team 8Bit, Mortal showed some incredible reflexes and sound crosshair placement skills for someone who is new to the game. He played Sage in all the maps and even came up with a clutch on the second map in Ascent, where his team made a comeback from a 1-9 position to win.


However, just having natural shooting instincts doesn't make Mortal who he is. He is a very cerebral player, no matter which game he is playing, and he showed as such in Valorant.

Mortal is quite good with Barrier Orb placements (screengrab from stream)
Mortal is quite good with Barrier Orb placements (screengrab from stream)

Most Valorant players don't know how to use the Sage walls all that well, but Mortal was very easily able to grasp the core mechanics of the Barrier Orb. He made a lot of intelligent Barrier Orb plays, which were able to thwart the advances of the enemy team in its tracks.

All-in-all, Mortal showed a lot of promise in Riot's new fps, and many of his fans will be hoping to see more of his fun video content on Valorant.

Published 23 Sep 2020, 12:34 IST
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