MrBeast blows community away by adding Hindi as an audio language to his videos

MrBeast is gearing up to launch his new Hindi channel (Image via- Sportskeeda)
MrBeast is gearing up to launch his new Hindi channel (Image via- Sportskeeda)

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has started adding Hindi as an audio language to his videos. The man of the moment is one of the most prominent figures in the content creation world at this point. With over 92 million subscribers on his main channel, the YouTube King is all set to hit the 9-digit milestone on the red platform sooner than ever.

From spending 50 hours buried alive to reacting to the widely popular Netflix series Squid Game in real life with real people (not celebs), Jimmy has truly outshined in the past couple of years when it comes to content quality.

At this point, the YouTube sensation has 6 different channels with over 200 million subscribers combined, making him one of the biggest YouTubers of all time. Jimmy is already planning to scale up his content's quality and audience base and to do so, he has now come up with a brilliant plan.

MrBeast is gearing up to launch a new Hindi channel

The content creator's strategy has proven to be extremely beneficial for his YouTube journey. As mentioned earlier, he is planning something major for his international channels.

To put it simply, the YouTuber is on a quest to create 10 new channels that will have his videos in 10 languages around the world. His Russian and other language channels are already running very successfully on YouTube. and now it seems like Hindi (one of the most spoken languages in the world) is next in line.

Damn, I just watched @MrBeast video in language Hindi. Seriously, this guy always amaze us.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, MrBeast replied to @Maxtern for aprreciating his Hindi-dubbed video. The YouTuber noted:

@RealMaxtern Just wait for the Hindi channel to start uploading :)
"Just wait for the Hindi channel to start uploading."

Clearly, Jimmy and his YouTube team are gearing up to take over the Hindi speaking audience with their videos. This is excellent news for all of his Indian followers as they will be able to see Jimmy in their native language.

Moreover, it might also considerably contribute to a much-larger subscriber-base and help the content creator reach the 9-digit milestrone sooner than ever.

Fans react to the thrilling news of MrBeast planning a Hindi channel

As expected, Hindi language speakers were more than thrilled with the news. One Twitter user even claimed that the channel will soon surpass T-Series (the most subscribed channel on YouTube, which is Indian as well).

@robertoblake @MrBeast @RealMaxtern People in India mostly know english. Most of us can't speak fluently cause its not our mother tounge but , we understand each and every word, and also we dont like dubbed videos they are cringe. So for us english videos are way better.
@w_a_om @MrBeast @RealMaxtern Top 10 speaking language! I saw this clip in @ColinandSamir Show! They are just Fire 馃敟馃敟馃敟
@MrBeast @RealMaxtern @RealMaxtern Today I'm really jealous of you! 馃槨
@MrBeast @RealMaxtern it feels gud that mr.beast will cover up Hindi speaking feels like that i m recognized at huge lvl..lolThks @MrBeast and their teamregardsfan who watched ur full number counting stream馃槀
@MrBeast @RealMaxtern Mrbeast I can speak Hindi well and dub your video if you say so. If you feel right. And I also have a youtube channel named saethhit .If you think it's appropriate to reply backa
@MrBeast @RealMaxtern No Indian YouTuber can come even close to when it comes to the level of production that Jimmy does Wait for him
@MrBeast @RealMaxtern Mr.Beast Hindi 鈻讹笍 channel will get more than 10M subscribers in its first year, for sure ! I'll reply to this tweet after a year 馃槂
@MrBeast @RealMaxtern Please let us know how to apply for dubbing work if you think of starting channel for Tamil & Kannada versions too 馃槄馃槄

All of MrBeast's international channels are just like his original channels, except that they are dubbed in different languages to reach a wider audience. Naturally, anyone would be thrilled to watch videos in their native language, as compared to English, which is quite a difficult language, especially for non-native users.

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