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MrBeast leaves fans anxious after literally burying himself alive in latest video

MrBeast goes six feet under (Image via MrBeast)
MrBeast goes six feet under (Image via MrBeast)
Modified 28 Mar 2021

The internet's friendly neighborhood stuntman and philanthropist Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson recently left viewers on the edge of their seats after literally burying himself alive for a worrisome 50 hours.

The 22-year old internet sensation decided to spend 50 hours in a coffin six feet underground for his latest YouTube video.

Calling it "probably the dumbest thing he's ever done," MrBeast's recent 12 and a half minute long video proved to be an anxious watch for several of his fans.

MrBeast's audacious video invited a barrage of responses online. He got his friends and fellow members of the MrBeast crew to throw mounds of dirt over him and had a custom-made tombstone laid over him.

MrBeast buried alive: Twitter users react to MrBeast burying himself alive for 50 hours

In terms of sheer audacity, the "buried alive" video is right up there with the likes of his "stranded on an island" and "buried underwater" videos.


At the start of the video, MrBeast revealed another outrageous stipulation to his challenge:

"If for whatever reason, I get out early, you guys get to tase me!"

From having a well-ventilated AC system in place to keeping a medic on standby, the MrBeast crew ensured that it took the necessary precautions.

After successfully completing 24 hours underground, MrBeast provided a hilarious update:

"My back hurts , starting to feel claustrophobic , bored out of my mind , I smell pretty bad , I also smell all the urine, I ate all my beef jerky and vanilla wafers. I don't feel too good!"

Over the course of the next few hours, MrBeast survived a fireworks display and flickering lights. His friends were constantly attempting to unnerve him.

After being dug up 50 hours later, he summed up his experience with the following statement:

"That was stupid. I have a massive headache and I'm starving!"

Here are some of the reactions online, as fans responded with a mix of concern, humor, and amazement:


With each video, MrBeast continues to push the barrier in terms of creating outrageous and entertaining video content.

As views continue to come in thick and fast, it looks like this will be another stellar addition to his expansive library of wholesome content.

Published 28 Mar 2021, 16:48 IST
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