MrBeast reveals the monstrous number of views he has received on YouTube since 2011

MrBeast shares the monstrous number of views he has received on YouTube (Image via- Sportskeeda)
MrBeast shares the monstrous number of views he has received on YouTube (Image via- Sportskeeda)

MrBeast recently revealed the monstrous number of views he has received on YouTube since 2011. It goes without saying, but he has come a long way since starting his YouTube journey way back in 2011.

From a mere 7,000 views at the age of 13 to amassing 13 billion views at 23, the journey has been truly inspiring for many online content creators out there. And that's precisely what MrBeast's recent Twitter post highlights.

Earlier today, Jimmy turned 24 and shared a wholesome post on his official Twitter handle to show the number of views he has received on each of his birthdays in the past 12 years.

MrBeast crossed the astonishing 13 billion-mark on YouTube

As fans might already know, MrBeast keeps a regular check on his YouTube growth and view count on his birthday every single year. He has been doing this religiously ever since he began making YouTube videos way back in 2011.

The sole purpose of this is to check his growth on a yearly basis and devise strategies accordingly.

Here’s how many YT views I’ve gotten every year of my life. Another successful year 🥳23 - 13,265,311,41422 - 8,184,185,54421 - 3,324,451,66020 - 2,099,879,91119 - 464,282,51718 - 122,441,81317 - 5,482,59616 - 202,00015 - 125,63414 - 41,14813 - 7,00012 - 15,000

Earlier today, on his 24th birthday, Jimmy took to his official Twitter handle to share the overall channel views gained during his YouTube journey. And to absolutely no one's surprise, the growth has been purely magical. His views have crossed the 13 billion mark this year, which marks an increase of five billion from the figure posted in 2021.

Fans react to MrBeast's incredible growth on YouTube

As expected, the magical numbers elicited a wave of positive responses from viewers. The majority of his fans are more than thrilled with his meteoric rise to the top.

@MrBeast 5M views at 17yrs old… 🫠
@MrBeast Kinda fell off at 13 years old but go off
@MrBeast Me seeing this knowing I have 143 subs
@MrBeast Happy birthday to the sole rich man on this planet that does good in this world
@MrBeast Your very successful and a very generous and humble person and I can tell that just from your videos. Your doing great things in peoples lives and you have inspired many I’m sure including myself.
@MrBeast Happy birthday love you man best YouTuber ever everyone’s greatful for you because what you have done great man love you
@MrBeast Happy Birthday from @ngmipandas made this for you
@MrBeast Happy birthday jimmy ur best we all love youi am 15 and ur my inspiration for making videos on yt i love u hpy bdy ❤❤🎂🎂
@MrBeast how do you do it? also is this your full time job?
@MrBeast Happy birthday Jimmy... Everytime I but a Mr beast meal, I always take off one of the stickers and put it up on the ceiling of my car.... Lol
@MrBeast this is very impressive and motivational, happy birthday beast
@MrBeast I will support you no matter what Mr beast you're my favourite YouTuber
@Seapeekay @MrBeast *Last to die of old age gets 1 billion dollars!*

Although the YouTuber is already at the top of his career, he never fails to overhaul his content for viewers. From recreating the widely popular Netflix series Squid Game in real life to burying himself alive for 50 hours, Jimmy has done it all with utmost perfection.

Simply put, even after achieving the 13 billion mark, he is not going to settle down anytime soon as he wants to aim higher in the coming few years.

At the time of writing, his Squid Game recreation video alone has crossed over 248 million views on YouTube. While the original trailer for Squid Game has over 48 million hits.


With this in mind, it seems like the numbers are going to get even bigger in the near future as he is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

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