“Time to unfollow you”: MrBeast’s appearance on Joe Rogan Podcast has the internet divided, here’s why

Joe Rogan had MrBeast on his podcast recently, leading to some very mixed feelings (Image via Sportskeeda)
Joe Rogan had MrBeast on his podcast recently, leading to some very mixed feelings (Image via Sportskeeda)
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A recent Joe Rogan podcast had one of the biggest YouTube content creators on the planet, Jimmy "MrBeast" on as a guest. The two talked about a variety of things, from upcoming changes to the YouTuber’s content and so much more.

However, the internet has been divided on how they feel about it, with some furious that Jimmy would be on Rogan’s show and others excited for the move. It also introduced some social media users to the YouTuber for the first time.

@pulte @MrBeast You listen to Joe Rogan? Time to unfollow you, sorry but I stand by my decision.

Why is it so controversial for MrBeast to be on the Joe Rogan Experience?

@Jmmcdermott09 @itismattmatt @martyG1214 @Gmamaback @MissKristen74 @pulte @MrBeast dude I don’t really care about the context of saying the n word that many times

The YouTuber is free to appear on any podcast willing to have him on, but many fans are deeply disappointed and shocked by this particular one. This is because of the variety of controversies that Joe Rogan has courted in his time as a podcaster.

This includes past uses of racial slurs and, more recently, his alleged spread of a false narrative regarding the Coronavirus. The more recent controversy led to nearly 300 scientists and doctors writing a letter to Spotify. They wanted the audio streaming platform to prevent medical misinformation from being spread.

Whatever your feeling about JRE, I’m so happy to see Mr. Beast get more and more attention. ❤️ I hope he can continue to help more and more people with his content.…#JoeRogan #mrbeast #Spotify

The podcaster has been accused of making a wide variety of slurs against several groups of people and using racial slurs across his 12 years of podcasting. The move to appear on The Joe Rogan Experience has likely gained Jimmy many new followers, but it wasn’t without backlash.

The internet responds to MrBeast being on Joe Rogan’s podcast

There are varied opinions on MrBeast appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and many people are hurt by this appearance. Some users even went on to say that the YouTuber's appearance "says a lot about who he is as a person."

@MissKristen74 @pulte @MrBeast Shame he’s on joe rogan podcast. Says a lot about who he actually is as a person.

Other people don’t care because it’s the YouTuber’s choice, and the content creator won’t miss people that unfollow him. This led to a response that it is certainly Jimmy’s choice, a choice to go on a show with someone that allegedly broadcasts racist remarks.

@martyG1214 @MissKristen74 @pulte @MrBeast Why because you say so? It’s his choice. Like it’s your choice to follow. I’m sure he won’t miss you.
@Gmamaback @martyG1214 @MissKristen74 @pulte @MrBeast It is his choice, his choice to support someone who broadcasts racism. Not okay.
@itismattmatt @martyG1214 @MissKristen74 @pulte @MrBeast He didn’t say he was supporting Joe Rohan. What he said was he was watching friend on Joe Morgan. Why he can’t support his friend?
@itismattmatt @Gmamaback @MissKristen74 @pulte @MrBeast I’m pretty sure they know the point but are avoiding it on purpose

One user watched the podcast and worried that it could be easy to get sucked in to Joe Rogan’s work, despite things the podcaster has been accused of over the years.

I watched MrBeast on Joe Rogan and am now scared at how easy it is to get sucked back into Joe Rogan when you discard what an awful human being he has been for the last two years ☹️

Not everyone thinks this makes Jimmy a bad person, just because he’s on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

@martyG1214 @MissKristen74 @pulte @MrBeast Just because he's on a Joe Rogan postcast, doesn't mean Jimmy is a terrible person.
Some people might not like Joe Rogan and his podcast and that’s understandable but listening to Mr Beast on on his recent episode is incredible. He’s a genius of the content creating game!

Some threads on Twitter were just disappointed that MrBeast was on the podcast, which led to back and forth discussions on Rogan himself.

@pulte @MrBeast joe rogan? that’s disappointing.
@me_0102 @pulte @MrBeast Someone has an opinion of their own? Disappointing.

Others still think it’s silly that someone would try to cancel MrBeast just for being on the podcast.

Absolutely insane to me people are trying to cancel MrBeast for being on Joe Rogan Experience. Y’all look silly.

Some see it as a major win for online content creators, having someone like Jimmy on the Joe Rogan Experience. Another user blames “mainstream media” for the backlash and praised Rogan.

@HUN2R This is huge for content creators! @MrBeast stays making big moves and changing the game!
@HUN2R This is awesome full stop. Both of these guys are great and the only issue is mainstream media butt hurt at Rogans numbers so they try to send a mob for himRogan is as genuine as they come
The main man @MrBeast on Joe Rogan should be mandatory listening for anyone trying to grow on youtube.

Not everyone was negative. A user on Twitter defended Joe Rogan, disputing claims of racism from the podcaster.

@itismattmatt @martyG1214 @Gmamaback @MissKristen74 @pulte @MrBeast It is so sickening to see how easily persuaded and manipulated people are by the media. All of the things that were put together about him being a racist were pieced together clips from podcasts if you watched each podcast you would see that, it was racism at all.

The YouTuber appearing on the podcast did expose at least one listener to MrBeast for the first time, and it appeared to be a positive experience for them.

I don't know how but It was just today I discovered @MrBeast via @joerogan and he was saying things that I had had on my mind for months... It has motivated me and I think it's time I get my finger out of my ass and maybe do something!

A Twitter user remarked that her son was a MrBeast fan, and it could lead to her son watching Joe Rogan for the first time.

Didn't expect @MrBeast on Joe Rogan, but I'm watching it.My youngest son is a fan of Mr. Beast, otherwise I wouldn't even know who he is.My son may even watch an episode of Joe Rogan for the first time.

Many people have an opinion on Jimmy appearing on the podcast, but it's clear that the YouTuber's appearance has increased his visibility on the internet. It has incited disbelief in some and joy in others. Either way, it certainly has people around the world talking.

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