MrBeast shares images of his Squid Game set, breaks the Internet

MrBeast shares pictures of his complete Squid Game video sets (Image via MrBeast on Twitter)
MrBeast shares pictures of his complete Squid Game video sets (Image via MrBeast on Twitter)

MrBeast has finally announced a release date and time for his much-awaited Squid Game video, and it is set to be out in a few hours. Needless to say, the entire streaming community is hyped up to watch the epic video, which has the internet waiting for weeks now.

Real life Squid Game with 456 people goes live today at 4pm Eastern :)

Like the original Netflix series, MrBeast's Squid Game, too, will feature 456 people participating in a number of events to bag the final cash prize. However, the real-life recreation of Squid Game will not have the same gory penalty that players had to face in the show.

MrBeast's Squid Game will drop in a few hours

The Squid Game recreation by the American streamer has had the community on its toes for the past several weeks. The streamer made sure to keep updating fans about the progress of the sets and events in the video.

He also made it clear that the project was burning a huge hole in his pocket, but he was "in too deep to stop now."

Recreating Squid Games is costing more then I thought it would but i’m in to deep to stop now lol

Now, MrBeast has finally announced that the video will be released at 4 PM ET on Wednesday, November 24. The streaming community is very excited to witness the video, and many prominent personalities have expressed their interest in watching and participating in the same. The sets look amazing, and everybody made it a point to appreciate the streamer's effort.

@MrBeast look like Squid Game !!! (the show on Netflix)
@MrBeast this gonna be the best video of 2021 without a doubt

MrBeast is well known for his ambitious projects. However, the Squid Game recreation might just be the most ambitious one so far. In fact, the streamer almost risked getting cancelled over the amount of money he was spending on the video, which is close to $2M without the prize money. However, fans of Jimmy Donaldson stood strong in support of their favourite streamer.

Expectations are already sky-high from the highly anticipated video, and there is no doubt that Donaldson will live up to his fans' expectations with this video as well. Luckily, they will not have to wait much longer before they can watch what is being deemed the biggest video in the history of YouTube.

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