"Hope they sue him": Internet slams MrBeast for recreating Squid Game

The internet star's followers are not pleased with his Squid Game recreation (Image via Netflix and MrBeast/YouTube)
The internet star's followers are not pleased with his Squid Game recreation (Image via Netflix and MrBeast/YouTube)

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson took to social media recently to announce that he has finally recreated the much-awaited Squid Game set in real life. The philanthropic content creator had promised on TikTok that he would recreate the sets in real life, with players able to participate.

After announcing he would be doing so, the YouTuber recently showcased the shockingly similar Squid Game sets he had created, which sparked a heated conversation on Twitter.

Donaldson also mentioned on Twitter that the recreation project cost him over $2 million. Though many fans have shown excitement towards his latest project, a few doubt the show's recreation.


Why are followers divided about MrBeast's Squid Game recreation?

The 23-year-old uploaded a TikTok clip of his recreated sets on Twitter. He has created the show's iconic "Red Light, Green Light" set as well as the unforgettable backdrops for other games such as "Marbles" and "Ppopgi."

Along with the incredible sets, fans got a glimpse of someone dressed as one of the guards on the show. The sleeping quarters of the Squid Game participants have been recreated as well.

Though Donaldson's Squid Game project is extraordinarily similar to the movie, followers were not pleased with the game being recreated. Many cited on Twitter that the show's creator, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, attempted to showcase rigid class structures and the evils of capitalism.

Twitter users also mentioned that Squid Game must not be taken to the surface level where games are simply recreated for viewers' enjoyment.

A few tweets against the show's recreation read:

Along with many stating how Squid Game showcased the exploitative nature of the rich, few fans of the YouTuber defended him. Many of his followers reiterated his philanthropic nature:

In a TikTok clip Donaldson had shared on November 3, he encouraged his fans to "wish the 456 contestants good luck next week", indicating that the players for his Squid Game have already been allocated.

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