"Navigate the castle based on an actual parchment map": Fans speculate how exploring the school will work in Hogwarts Legacy

What kind of maps will players get in the game? (Image via Sportskeeda)
What kind of maps will players get in the game? (Image via Sportskeeda)

The in-depth look at the school and other locations from the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy that was provided at the dedicated State of Play delighted the game's legions of fans. The gameplay reveal showcased, among many things, the hallways, staircases and classrooms of Hogwarts housing magic, secrets and puzzles. For some fans, exploring these through parchments and the like would enhance the player's experience.

Hogwarts Legacy first revealed its world with a short trailer back in 2020. Since then, there had not been any information till the dedicated State of Play in March 2022. Ever since the 14-minute PS5 gameplay trailer was shown during the event, players have been poring over it frame by frame and imagining how the title will eventually turn out to be.

Fans want parchment map instead of mini map for exploration in Hogwarts Legacy

Maps are important for a player's immersion and experience in a game like this. Within the open world genre, there are multiple examples of titles that have introduced and utilized maps in a variety of ways. Most recently, Elden Ring provided a clutter-free experience by opening up the world as players came across more map fragments.

That was just a taste of #HogwartsLegacy — your full adventure in the Wizarding World is still to come.

In their post on the subreddit, u/MikeAndBike noted that the option of having parchments or finding clues about locations and more from verbal communication with other fellow students or professors would be the perfect mechanic that developers can use in Hogwarts Legacy.

As to how players will come into possession of these map fragments or parchments, the Redditor contended that they can simply be bought or found somewhere. The notion of a parchment will immediately remind Potterheads of the Marauder's Map.

Comments under the post were supportive of such an idea. One person chimed in saying it would be great if the game were to have the mechanic of a notebook wherein the player character jots down stuff. Another stated that they hoped Hogwarts Legacy would learn from the "Elden Ring/Breath of the Wild way of discovery."

Hogwarts Legacy will not only be bringing a fleshed-out Hogwarts that players will explore as a fifth-year student, but various locations from beyond the walls of the castle as well, such as Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest. Exploration will be a central focus of the upcoming RPG. The gameplay reveal even showed dungeons that players can visit.

Unfortunately, fans are in for a bit of a wait as the game is slated to arrive during the Holiday period this year. It will be launched across multiple platforms. Players will be attending classes, honing their magical abilities through practicing spells and crafting potions while tending to magical beasts.

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