"I only see your roof": Neekolul humorously misunderstands player's word on first day in GTA RP NoPixel server

Neekolul steps foot into the world of GTA RP on NoPIxel with Cherry Lovegood (Images via neekolul/Twitter, r/NoPixel)
Neekolul steps foot into the world of GTA RP on NoPIxel with Cherry Lovegood (Images via neekolul/Twitter, r/NoPixel)

During her most recent stream, Nicole "Neekolul" (or simply Neeko) finally made her entry into the current GTA RP NoPixel 3.0 craze, creating her very own roleplaying character to get herself started.

Along the way, she kept her audience entertained with her hilarious shenanigans stemming from a miscommunication owing to her unfamiliarity with the terms used in the game.


Neekolul plays the role of Cherry Lovegood on NoPixel 3.0

A few hours into her first day as Cherry Lovegood on the GTA RP NoPixel server, Neeko was being escorted around a fellow player's premises, humming a song throughout. Her fellow player is a Twitch streamer named Saab "Ssab," known as "Al Saab" in-game.

Saab asked her to pause for a second. She continued to hum while they waited, until he abruptly began to walk while telling her the following:

"Alright, here you go, look in the sky- blue sky, (that's) what's happening."

Neeko moved her camera upwards, looking directly above her, only to be met with the site of the house's roof that she was currently at.

What she innocently failed to understand was that Saab was asking her to look at the in-game OOC (out of character) chat at the top-left of her screen. Through that, he had informed her about an event in the NoPixel 3.0 server.

Image via neeko/Twitch
Image via neeko/Twitch

Neeko continued to follow him, responding:

"I only see a roof."

Saab then replied:

"You know, when I talk into the blue sky, yeah I was like- talking to you about your problems through the blue sky. You see that?"

Neeko once again responded that she didn't see what he was referring to, utterly confused at his statements.

After a while, Saab dropped another hint, asking her to "press her T muscle," i.e., pressing the 'T' key on her keyboard. She was eventually able to bring up the chat window where she spotted his previous message about the in-game event that he was trying to inform her about.

Viewer's react to Neekolul's innocent mistake

Those who witnessed the moment occur on Neeko's livestream found it to be hilarious, while others attempted to guide her through her momentary confusion.

Image via neeko/Twitch
Image via neeko/Twitch

Neekolul creates her GTA RP character for NoPixel

Cherry Lovegood is Neeko's first character on the NoPixel GTA RP server, marking her official entry into the server's 3.0 version.

As of late, many well-known streamers from all parts of the Twitch community have been setting foot on the server as well, with a lot of them having never roleplayed before.

Some of the most popular entries on the server are Felix "xQc," Thomas "Sykkuno," Lucas "Buddha," and Joshua "Zerkaa," among many others.

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