"I am not Koil!": Zoil reacts after receiving message from Andrea Botez about managing GTA RP server NoPixel

Zoil was mistaken for Koil by Andrea Botez (Images via Zoil/Twitch)
Zoil was mistaken for Koil by Andrea Botez (Images via Zoil/Twitch)

Earlier today, Zoil, a British streamer and content creator, received a message from Andrea Botez about managing the Grand Theft Auto Roleplay server NoPixel. He was mistaken for being the actual manager of the RP server who goes by a similar name, Koil.

The latter is an Australian live streamer and manages NoPixel, the most popular GTA 5 RP server globally. It is an invite-only whitelisted server where all the popular streamers play. Due to the similarity in their names, lots of people get confused.

Zoil receives hilarious message from Andrea Botez

The streamer was live streaming for seven hours as he received a lot of fan content and reacted to it, later playing Minecraft. As he was busy playing the sandbox title, he received a hilarious message from Andrea Botez. The American live streamer is the sister of Alexandra Botez, a chess grandmaster.

VOD for the above clip starts at 07:07:59

He noticed a message he received from Andrea and went on to read it for his Twitch chat:

“Yeah, I just got a message from Andrea Botez saying I managed the GTA server.”

He smirked after reading the message and said:

“Bro, I am not Koil!”

He reiterated this, slammed his desk, and continued:

“I am not Koil! How is this still going on?! A year later! I am not Koil!”

After ranting about him not being Koil, he concluded by saying:

“Dude, is she watching right now?”

After the interaction, he went to his channel to see if Andrea Botez was watching him and realized she was not. He then went on to his social media handles to see if she followed him.

As he searched his own handles, he noticed that she did indeed follow him recently and was elated to see this.

Fans react to Zoil being mistaken for Koil

Users on Reddit had hysterical reactions to this interaction. They called it a “classic” moment and some people gave context to this gag.

Zoil is known for his Just Chatting streams. He also dives into games such as GTA 5 RP, Minecraft, and Fall Guys.

The British streamer had less than 33k followers on Twitch at the onset of 2021. Since then, his numbers have increased dramatically, and the count currently sits at 85k followers.

The reason for his popularity boom can be attributed to his collaboration with other notable streamers like Mizkif and Maya Higa.

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