Top 5 Twitch streamers who play GTA RP in 2022

5 GTA RP streamers to watch in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 GTA RP streamers to watch in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA RP has exploded in popularity over the past few years. With this increasing fame, streamers of the game rose in eminence as well.

Inside the mass of streamers that have entered the RP space, however, stand several that have distinguished themselves from the rest of the crowd. This list will detail five GTA RP streamers that are among the top in their community.

Note: Data has been referenced from Twitch Metrics for the month of January 2022. The list will only include channels that stream under the 'English' category.

5 GTA RP streamers to watch in 2022

5) Zerkaa

Joshua Charlie Joseph "Zerkaa" Bradley is currently the fifth most-watched GTA RP streamer on Twitch under the English category. He has racked up around 2.48 million viewer hours on his channel.

Zerkaa plays the character of Tommy Tate on the GTA NoPixel server. According to the NoPixel fandom wiki:

"Tommy Tate, widely known as Tommy T, is a British road-man who fled to Los Santos to start fresh, after living a life of crime in South-East London, UK."

4) AnthonyZ

Anthony "AnthonyZ" is the fourth most-watched GTA RP streamer in the English category. He has 2.67 million viewer hours on his Twitch channel.

Anthony plays the role of several characters, with the most prominent one being Tony Corleone. Corleone is a founding member of Cleanbois, one of the major gangs on the NoPixel server.

3) Sykkuno

Thomas "Sykkuno" quickly climbed up the ranks and became the third most-watched English-speaking GTA streamer on Twitch. He has around 3.93 million viewer hours on his account.

On the GTA NoPixel RP server, Sykkuno plays Yuno Syk, widely known for his in-game hacking skills. He is involved with many gangs on the server, including (but not limited to) Cleanbois, Chang Gang, and Clean Cartel.

2) buddha

Lucas "buddha" Ramos is the second most-watched GTA streamer on Twitch in the English language. He plays on the NoPixel server and has almost 4 million viewer hours.

buddha plays the character of Lang Buddha, a founding member of the Cleanbois. He also owns Nest Holdings, which looks over popular in-game establishment Rooster's Rest.

1) xQcOW

In January 2022, Felix "xQc" Lengyel racked up a whopping 23.55 million viewer hours, and is therefore the most-watched RP streamer across the entire platform.

xQc plays the character "Jean Paul" on the NoPixel server. Jean Paul is known for causing a ton of chaos on the server, often getting in trouble with the cops. Paul was last known to be the co-owner of Gulag Enterprises.

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