New Destiny 2 trailer hints at Sathona's backstory in The Witch Queen 

Sathona - the Hive daughter (Image via Bungie)
Sathona - the Hive daughter (Image via Bungie)

The story of the Hive Gods is one of the most ancient tales within the Destiny 2 narrative. The Hive sisters Sathona, Xi Ro, and Aurash might be unfamiliar names to some, but most know them now as Savathun, Xivu Arath, and Oryx.

There is much to say about the three Hive Gods through the current Destiny timeline, as the term "Witch Queen" directly refers to one of them.

Take back the Light.Savathûn, The Witch Queen, // 2.22.22

Bungie yesterday released a trailer that showcases pretty much the entire synopsis of The Witch Queen. However, some things that weren't shown anywhere before include Savathun's origin story, alongside the Worm Gods.

While Bungie has gotten better at setting up a weekly narrative, many wonder whether they will be going the extra mile to shed some light on the origin of The Witch Queen herself.

Sathona and Hive gods teased in the new Destiny 2: The Witch Queen launch trailer

Savathun's build-up has been in the works for almost four years now. From corrupting the Awoken prince in Forsaken to living as Osiris among the Vanguard, the Queen of Lies has had her fair share of fun and games with the Guardians for quite a long time.

Being the titular antagonist in the next expansion, things won't just be centered around Zavala, Ikora, and the Guardians. There is already enough misery on Savathun's hands. It's high time Bungie showed that through CGI or animation.

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The Witch Queen will be the first expansion in Destiny 2 that'll show Savathun in the flesh. Looking back, the game only had Sathona in the form of many, except for her true self.

After the recent epilogue in Season of the Lost, players see her escaping from the hands of Queen Mara in the exorcism.

Bungie might either be planning another cut-scene on the last day of Season 15, or everyone will be clear on how Savathun got hold of the Light after playing the main campaign on February 22.

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Savathun is one of the biggest antagonists in Destiny 2's story, as the last time someone impacted the Guardians was Ghaul in Year 1. While Uldren's manipulation was Savathun's work, the upcoming year will conclude the Light vs Dark saga alongside The Witch Queen's as well.

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