New Genshin Impact character banner system (Event wish-2) explained

Eula will be featured on the second banner (Image via Genshin Impact)
Eula will be featured on the second banner (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact 2.3 is bringing a new banner type to the game, and fans will get another shot to wish for Eula. She will be receiving her first rerun alongside Albedo, but unlike previous reruns, these two banners will exist simultaneously.

Fans can choose to summon on either Albedo or Eula's banners, which raises some questions about pity. They may be wondering how the 50/50 system works with these banners or whether they can get both characters back to back. Find out more about this new system here.

Genshin Impact 2.3: New Eula banner explained

Character Event Wish-2 (New Type) Mechanics DescriptionAfter the Version 2.3 update, a new Wish Type will be added: Character Event Wish-2.For more details >>>…#GenshinImpact

Thanks to an official post by Genshin Impact Twitter, fans can find an explanation of the new banner type, called Character Event Wish-2. It will run alongside other banners, though they won't be available every update.

This banner type will focus on previous characters, likely meaning this may become the dedicated rerun banner. Players will be able to find out when these banners are coming with announcements from Genshin Impact.

Summary:- New banner type for reruns. Will only show up with another rerun. Shares pity with Character Banner.- First half of 2.3 will be Albedo Rerun Banner and Eula Rerun Banner. Second half will be Gorou + Itto Banner.- Wait for Livestream (~5 hours) for confirmation.

These new Character Event Wish-2 banners will have the same pity system as the featured banner and even share the pity count. These wishes utilize Intertwined Fates and are counted separately from the Weapon and Standard banner.

For example, gamers who make wishes on the Albedo banner can swap to the Eula banner to finish rolling until pity. These numbers are shared between them, and the guaranteed bonus is split.

This means that if a player loses 50/50 on one banner, they can swap to the other and wish until pity for a guaranteed chance to get Eula.

So, who are you gonna pull after this banner reveal? I wasn't able to get Eula previously (got Keqing), so maybe this time she's gonna drop for me!!!!

Pity on these banners will carry over as the number is shared with the normal featured banner. If fans want to wait until a specific character is released on the Event Wish-2 banner, they can keep their pity count on the featured one until it returns with a new 5-star.

This is a fantastic way for users to make sure they can get their hands on some past characters, though they may need to sacrifice getting newer ones to get the chance.

Genshin Impact 2.3 is bringing a fascinating new mechanic to the game, and players will definitely want to know how to utilize the Character Event Wish-2 banner to the fullest.

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