New Genshin Impact event reveals everything is not okay in Sumeru

Liben warns travelers about Sumeru being dangerous (Image via Genshin Impact)
Liben warns travelers about Sumeru being dangerous (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact is providing crumbs for the community as the arrival of Sumeru gets closer with every new patch update. In the new Marvelous Merchandise event, Travelers interact with the exclusive NPC Liben, who informs them about his trip to Sumeru and why he had to return to Mondstadt.

It seems Liben left Sumeru due to the arrival of strange men and things have become quite dangerous lately. Due to the ominous feeling building up in Sumeru and his gut telling him to leave, Liben decided to return to Mondstadt and plans to start a business in Fontaine. This small conversation with Liben has fueled the curiosity of the theroycrafters and they are already coming up with interesting theories.

"Marvelous Merchandise" Event: Open Boxes o' Marvels and Get Primogems!〓Event Duration〓2022/05/06 10:00:00 - 2022/05/13 03:59:59>>>…#GenshinImpact

This article will guide Genshin Impact players about everything they need to know about what the new crumbs of Sumeru might indicate for future updates.

Genshin Impact: Current Sumeru is dangerously revealed by Liben

The conversation with Liben to start the Marvelous Merchandise event holds a lot of crumbs for Sumeru and Fontaine. Liben, the event-exclusive NPC, informs travelers about the current situation in Sumeru.

During the conversation, Liben revealed that he arrived in Mondstadt after some strange people showed up in Sumeru and his gut told him it was time to leave. If players have learned anything while playing the Archon and Story Quests, they must know that Fatui has always been referred to as the antagonist. It is also possible that the "strange people" who arrived in Sumeru are the Fatui.

BRUH! The amount of Sumeru and Fontaine lore crumbs that we've gotten from the Chasm, the Vibro-Crystal event, and now Liben is staggering! MHY is building this next region up so well! I can't wait!!! #GenshinImpact

In Genshin Impact and official manga, Fatui has caused problems in all three nations where players have traveled. Hence, there is a high chance that the Fatui is also driving the problems in Sumeru.

Theorycrafters have come up with a theory that suggests that a Harbringer could cause problems in Sumeru. It is still too early to speculate who it might be. Here are some of the Harbringers who have been speculated to be the mastermind behind the Sumeru problems:

  • Dottore
  • Scaramouche
  • Pulcinella
  • Arlecchino
Harbringers mentioned as per order noted in the list above (Image via Genshin Impact)
Harbringers mentioned as per order noted in the list above (Image via Genshin Impact)

Liben reveals the involvement of Divine Might to clear Sumeru's problems in Genshin Impact

During the traveler's conversation with Liben, it was found that there was some unrest in Sumeru already. He also hopes that an intervention of "divine might" will clear up the unrest. The "divine might" could hint at the traveler's involvement in Sumeru's problems during their quest. It could also refer to the powers of the Dendro Archon.


Regardless, it seems that the problems in Sumeru do not sound like something that mortals can handle. The conversation with Liben ends with him warning the traveler about the dangers of Summer and asking not to travel to Sumeru in the recent future.

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