New Genshin Impact x Pizza Hut collab confirmed for next month, Eula and Amber promo art surfaces

A new collaboration has been announced (Image via Genshin Impact)
A new collaboration has been announced (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact has a history of collaborating with some unexpected partners, and yet another surprising company has partnered with the popular RPG. According to the latest Genshin livestream, the game will be partnering with Pizza Hut in China, with the game receiving several special dishes to commemorate the occasion.

Fans may be reminded of the game's previous collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken, and this collab seems to be more of the same. Players can learn about this surprising crossover here and see more upcoming content from the Pizza Hut x Genshin Impact collab.

Pizza Hut x Genshin Impact collab to take place in China

Genshin Impact's latest collaboration is with the popular pizza restaurant chain Pizza Hut, and it features both Eula and Amber in the promotional art. Fans of the pizza chain will apparently be able to acquire some limited-time merchandise at real Pizza Hut locations, along with possible in-game items like KFC's Wings of Feasting. Fans of the game's previous collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken will recognize a similar event pattern, with new recipes and other items being added to the game.

Unfortunately for global players, it appears that this collaboration is currently restricted to the Chinese region, with only restaurants in China participating in the upcoming Genshin crossover. This mirrors the KFC crossover, and the distribution of items will likely be the same, with fans overseas having to wait a year or so for the items to come around again.

Based on the promotional images, players can expect quite a few new food items to be added to the game, with several drinks, desserts, and side dishes appearing in the art. There will also likely be some pizza recipes added to the game, giving gamers something tasty to create for their favorite characters. These recipes will likely heal a lot of HP, and fans won't want to miss out on them when they are added.

While the promotional art features Amber and Eula in brand new outfits, it's very unlikely that these skins will make their way to the game. Unfortunately, it seems like Genshin Impact is currently focused on making skins that match the game's aesthetic and fit into its current events, so crossover skins like this seem to be quite a ways away. Still, this fan design makes the skins look very appealing, and many fans would pick them up if they could.

This new event will begin in August in China and will likely run for around a month or so. Fans can look forward to plenty of official art being posted for the collab, with more information being revealed over time. This collaboration will likely remain an exclusive overseas event, but at least the rest of the community will be able to acquire the recipes later down the line.

Genshin Impact's latest collaboration is a surprising crossover with Pizza Hut, bringing new recipes and more to the game.