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New League of Legends bug in EU West client isn't showing friends in the lobby after joining

League of Legends bug not showing friends in the lobby (Image via Riot Games)
League of Legends bug not showing friends in the lobby (Image via Riot Games)
Modified 23 Mar 2021

Client issues have been a staple in League of Legends servers since time immemorial.

With every new patch update, there is a whole new set of bugs and exploits that come to the game. And while players experience a majority of them inside the game, there are some that just affect the server-client and nothing else.

Now, with the patch 11.6 update, there seems to be a bug in the EU west server, which isn't allowing players to see their friends in the lobby after joining.

In the League of Legends subreddit, several players opened up about the issue that the EU West client is facing at the moment.

Usually, a client bug doesn’t cause much trouble for players. However, with friends not showing up in the lobby, it gets impossible to queue up for a match as a group.

Fortunately, the League of Legends devs are aware of the issue. In a recent tweet reply, they stated that:

“We've received a bunch of inquiries related to issues occurring on EU, and our teams are currently investigating the matter. Not much info on it just yet, but thank you lots for letting me know about it. Always helps to find potential issues ahead of time!”

A temporary fix to the new League of Legends client bug


One of the best solutions to a bug like this is to wait for the League of Legends devs to come up with a hotfix for the solution and then patch it out with a small update.

However, some players in the subreddit did find a temporary fix to the issue. And it seems that repeatedly switching from Summoner’s Rift to ARAM and back will eventually make friends visible in the lobby.

Now, this method worked for most of the League of Legends players in EU West, but there were cases that this just froze the client, forcing the user to restart it.

Additionally, there is another prevalent bug in the EUW client, which isn't allowing players to change summoner spells.

A Redditor described it, saying:

“I traded position to jgl in champ select, and the client refused to let me select different sums, and dodging at 5sec resulted in me loading into the match anyways. So I /all that it bugged out, and I'll be AFK so my team can remake.”

League of Legends was not the only Riot Games IP that was affected by this bug, and Valorant players too faced a black screen every time they wanted to boot up the game. It seems like Riot will be looking to solve both these issues in their titles as soon as possible.

Published 23 Mar 2021, 20:11 IST
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