New Santorini Arena map added to PUBG Mobile: How to play, features, and more

Playing the new Santorini map in PUBG Mobile (Image via YouTube)
Playing the new Santorini map in PUBG Mobile (Image via YouTube)
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Developed by Krafton Inc., PUBG Mobile has several modes that players are accustomed to playing. While the classic Battle Royale mode has skyrocketed in popularity, the Arena mode, especially the Team Death Match (TDM) mode, has also become a favorite amongst the users.

The February 1.8.5 mini-update has been released in the game, resulting in the introduction of the long-awaited Santorini map, designed to be enjoyed exclusively in Arena mode matches. The map was released today worldwide at 02:00 AM UTC.

The map is modeled on the Santorini islands present in Greece, portraying the congested streets and beautiful white houses present in the area. Although the map has been grouped in Arena mode (TDM), it has several different features that can elevate the users' gaming experience.

The new PUBG Mobile Arena map - Santorini: Everything to know

The new Santorini map is the fourth map available in TDM after Warehouse, Ruins, and Hanger. Here's a look at how to play, rewards to be obtained for playing the map, and new features present on the map.

How to play


To play the Santorini map, players need to log in to the game first and then download the map. They can then select the Unranked mode and choose either Arena Training or Team Death Match, the only two modes in which the map can be played in the game.



To commemorate the addition of the new map in the game, a new event called 'Fun in Santorini' has also been brought in. The event will last till February 19, and PUBG Mobile players, on playing the map, are subjected to receive one Battle Royale Box Voucher Fragment per day.



1) 8v8 fights: Two teams (Red and Blue) of 8 players each fight to emerge victorious in the match. Santorini is the first map that entertains an 8v8 fight situation, breaking away from the traditional norm of the 4v4 scenario. Each player can have unlimited respawns.

The match continues until a team reaches the target of 80 and wins the game.


2) Unique Geography: The new map contains several small houses and stairways that can be used for camping. Furthermore, PUBG Mobile players can use the ladders and climb on the rooftops to knock down enemies.

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