3 times Pokimane lost her cool on stream

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Internet star Imane Anys, aka Pokimane, has amassed a huge fan base over the past two years. Currently, the streamer has 5.26 million followers on Twitch, and a further 5.46 subscribers on YouTube. Nowdays, she hardly streams Fortnite and instead spends her time streaming games like League of Legends, Valorant or other entertainment content.

Pokimane has had an eventful last 12 months, and has also signed with “Cloak” as a Partner and Creative Director, which was not received well by the internet. Regardless, she has one of the largest and most devoted fan-bases amongst mainstream streamers.

In this article, we look at three incidents when Pokimane blew a fuse during a streaming session.

Three times Pokimane lost her cool on stream


When Myth flirted with her

We all remember the long-drawn saga when which culminated in Myth explaining that the two don’t want to be shipped together and are only friends. The two have shared a healthy online friendship and have in the past played together on stream as well.


However, the relationship hasn’t always been friendly, and initially, Pokimane lost her cool in front of fans. In the video below, you can see her cringing at how Myth spends so much time looking at her photographs. She says that while she expects people to analyse different aspects of her picture, she is better off not knowing about it!

You can watch her reaction by clicking here.

When a fan called her “THICC”

“Thicc” is a slang term for a full-figured female body, and Pokimane was particularly displeased when one of her fans called her that on a Reddit thread. She went on a long rant in which she accused people of saying the most thoughtless of things whilst hiding behind a veil of anonymity online.


She went on to explain the kind of things that a female streamer has to go through on social media, and was visibly distressed. You can watch her reaction in the video below:

The video was originally posted by Whude on YouTube:


When someone stole her “underwear”

On 2nd December, Pokimane posted the following tweet:

This led to widespread speculation, as fans wondered who could do such a thing. Things were explained only two days later, when Pokimane explained on her Twitch stream that the entire thing was merely a misunderstanding between her cleaners and movers.


As it turned out, when moving houses, her cleaners had taken the stuff they thought Pokimane had left behind. Basically, the movers had left it in her old house, and the cleaners took it from there. However, you would be glad to know that she was able to get her stuff back, safe and sound.

You can watch the entire explanation by clicking here.

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