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5 broken items that every Fortnite player secretly wishes would return

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}
Modified 06 Apr 2021

Fortnite Season 6 is in full swing, meaning that players have now had several weeks to adjust to the new season's gameplay.

While some precious items have been vaulted and others unvaulted, loopers in the Fortnite community are still hoping some broken items will make a comeback soon.

5 broken Fortnite items that every Fortnite player secretly wishes would return

#5 - Double Pump Shotgun

The famously missing Double Pump Shotgun allowed players to one-shot their opponents on the battlefield.

While Season 6 features many other weapons with the potential to become overpowered due to crafting opportunities or a lucky shot from close range, Fortnite loopers are steadily calling for the Double Pump Shotgun's return.

#4 - Balloons

Fortnite players often enjoy traveling the map by driving and even leaping their way across the battlefield. When balloons were available to players within Chapter 1, they allowed loopers to jump even farther for extended periods of time.

Some players learned to love balloons with the clear distance advantages they provided and mastered using their weapons at the same time. Though not necessarily broken within the context of damage done to opponents, balloons are absolutely broken within the context of a great time.


#3 - C4 in Fortnite

Perhaps the most effective method to counter players who insist on sweaty building, C4 was able to destroy structures quickly and easily.

As illustrated in the tweet below, the overpowered C4 has not been featured on the battlefield for some time. Although Fortnite Season 6 features explosive fish and other methods to break structures down quickly without a pickaxe, C4 is a Fortnite fan favorite that will be greeted with excitement should it return.

#2 - Airplanes


While driving vehicles is fairly standard in Fortnite gameplay, the appearance of planes had loopers' excitement elevated to all new levels... Literally. Players could hop into the cockpit of a plane while their team members rode on the wings and wiped out their opponents from above.

Equally as exciting as it was for a player to take out an opponent from above, loopers on the ground enjoyed taking a plane down and wiping out several opponents at a time.

#1 - Infinity Blade

As broken as it was, a lot of folks had fun using the infinity blade, especially the ones who were lucky enough to wield it all the way to a #1 Victory Royale. Should Fortnite loopers find an Infinity Blade, they can then wipe out any structure in one blow and leap further distances. Upon eliminating an opponent with this weapon, players were automatically given 50 health points.

While holding the blade restricted players from building, loopers were given the trade-off of having 200 health and shield points available instead of the typical 100. A player's health and shield levels would regenerate due to the blade, as well as enjoying a faster movement speed.


While players everywhere have their personal favorites regarding Seasons, weapons, and character skins, many players within the community have missed the same exciting features seen in Fortnite's legacy so far.

Published 06 Apr 2021, 02:08 IST
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