'6 League Titles, 7 FA Cups': EA Sports defends inclusion of a female footballer in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Alex Scott will be a Hero in EA FC 24 (Images via EA Sports)
Alex Scott will be a Hero in EA FC 24 (Images via EA Sports)

EA Sports recently revealed the first set of newly included Heroes in EA FC 24, with the legendary female footballer Alex Scott being part of the roster. While most were excited about this latest reveal, some were not too pleased by including a woman in Ultimate Team, especially as it puts her on equal footing with men due to their similar overall ratings.

The addition of women to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has been an extremely controversial talking point for weeks now. The outrage has only increased following the introduction of Scott as a Hero. However, EA Sports has defended their position by replying to a comment on Instagram by highlighting that she has won '6 League Titles, 7 FA Cups' and so much more during her time as a footballer.

EA Sports has replied to unsavory social media comments about the addition of a female Hero to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA Sports recently announced Alex Scott as a new Hero in EA FC 24, along with Tevez, Sneijder, and more. As usual, there were multiple detractors in the reply section of Instagram, with one fan, in particular, questioning why the English legend was even included. However, EA Sports were quick to shut down any such remarks, showcasing the impressive resume of Alex Scott.

As a veteran of the sport, she was a trailblazer for women's football and paved the way for future generations with her remarkable performances. EA Sports did an incredible job of highlighting her achievements and accolades, which serve as a testament to her illustrious career and justify her inclusion as a Hero in EA FC 24.

Alex Scott will play alongside men in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA has provided the community with plenty of information and details about the upcoming title, creating an unprecedented amount of hype amongst the fanbase. With the legendary franchise being rebranded as EA Sports FC, the developer have the perfect opportunity to express their creativity and create the most immersive and authentic virtual footballing experience.

The inclusion of Alex Scott as a Hero is a step forward in many regards. Not only does this contribute towards the representation of the female side of the sport, but it will also give EA Sports the opportunity to introduce even more themed promos and special cards for gamers to enjoy. This includes the brand-new UCL and UWCL Heroes, which gamers can acquire for free by pre-ordering the game.