Adin Ross announces first stream on Kick, says he'll continue broadcasting on Twitch

Adin Ross announced starting to livestream on Kick on February 13, 2023 (Image via Adin Ross/Twitch)
Adin Ross announced first livestream on Kick on February 13, 2023 (Image via Adin Ross/Twitch)

Twitch star Adin Ross returned to his channel on February 13, 2023, to host a short livestream. He spent some time discussing his recent suspension and claimed that the platform was silencing him.

He then announced that he would start streaming on Kick and mentioned the kinds of content fans could expect to see. He revealed that he would be watching live sports and movies, as well as making prank phone calls.

Adin Ross also mentioned that he would not be streaming full-time on Kick and that he would continue broadcasting on his Twitch channel.

"There's no Terms of Service over there!" - Adin Ross talks about streaming on Kick

Adin Ross uploaded a video yesterday (February 12, 2023) claiming that Twitch threatened him and told him to avoid discussing certain controversial topics and ideas on his channel. He also mentioned that he did not plan to change his beliefs and that his team was looking into some workarounds.

Earlier today, Ross provided details about the aforementioned statement and announced that he would begin streaming on Kick. He shared insights at the 20-minute mark of the broadcast and stated:

"So guys! I'm not permanently, full-time going there. I want to feel it out, and I want to make sure my community f**ks with it too. So I'll still stream on Twitch if that's what you guys want. But what I will say is this. I'm going to Kick this week!"

Timestamp: 20:30

Adin Ross then went into detail about the various types of content he intended to create on Kick, stating that he and his community could do "whatever" they wanted on the platform:

"I'm going to be doing Omegle. Watching live sports. Watching movies. Prank phone calls. Doing unlimited... we can literally watch p*rn together. I can j*rk off with... no! No, I'm still celibate. But if I wanted to, we do whatever the f**k we want! There's no Terms of Service over there!"

The 22-year-old content creator claimed that his audience was free to say whatever they wanted in the chat room and that no one would get banned:

"You guys can say whatever you want in chat. Nobody can get f***king banned! If you, listen... if you love people and... no, no! F**k that! If you believe in some s**t, and you want to type that s**t, say whatever the f**k you want! Everything is allowed."

Streaming community reacts to Adin Ross' announcement

Adin Ross announcing his move to Kick was a hot topic of conversation on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with the reaction thread amassing over 500 fan reactions. Here's what the streaming community had to say:

For context, Twitch streamer Tyler "Trainwreckstv" announced a new livestreaming platform, Kick, on December 6, 2023. Some of the features that set it apart from Twitch include a 95% to 5% subscriber revenue split, 100% platform tips for streamers, and "fair terms of service."

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